What happened to the bigger matchmaker?

Anyone know what’s going on with the matchmaker?? these 6v6 and 8v8 are getting down right ridiculous. Hell I’m happy finally getting a 12v12.

I don’t know what happening but i noticed same. I nearly crying to pics of 32v32 fights. But last su25k game i played i get 20v18 battle. (Happy noises)

In case you wanna switch to Air RB and getting out of your tanks:

Fly props and select NA and SA servers - u will get at BR 3.7 with the BP B7A2 a hell of small matches on Pacific maps and with the Italian P-47 at 5.0 the usual 6 vs 6 matches full uptiers together with 4 Ju 288s vs 5-6 US/GB fighters; if u have some luck their 6th plane is an AD-4 or B-17…

The smaller the lobby, the more u can make a difference - the more players, the more the result becomes a random win or loss just due to the numbers game…

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Even in Air RB i still prefer bigger lobbies it’s more to go around in points. In reguards to Ground RB the small lobbies are terrible or even worse is the tiny maps like advance the rhine with top tier tanks it’s terrible. Same with single point captures (the absolute worst thing gaijin ever did on the maps imo).

So, did this post just get ignored talking about matchmaker?? I’d settle for a longer timer if I was able to get full lobbies both ground and air. When does gaijin plan to implement said matchmaker?? Did we not acquire enough votes or show enough interest for it??