What happened to enduring confrontation ?!

Enduring just started and its already ended ? !
Please … Bring back our enduring !


more and more need to report this issue! Anyone who sees this who loves EC… report it!!


Everyone reading… please visit here and click " im having same issue!" hopefully someone listens and sees its a problem and fixes it!


Done !


Hi guys

We apologize for the issues with the event. Our devs are aware of the issue and we are waiting for a resolution.

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We all appreciate the official update from yourself, but will we be able to actually play what we have missed? Arcade couldnt be played, and most likely most of the realistic wont be played, could you extend the days an extra day and give us a day of arcade after realistic today? We would appreicate it.

I understand the frustration, however at the moment, we don’t have any more news to share on the matter until the issue itself is resolved.

No problem, appreciate the update, hopefully things back to normal very soon!

Just a quick update to say that Naval EC is now up for everyone.

Will we recieve an extra day for the day we lost on arcade?

1 death leavers dont like it and majority of community just wanna take off at high tier, launch missiles, go into next match.
Same with tanks.
They only wanna play high tier.
They think of lower than 9.0 as noobish and boring.
They only care about personal gain - not good gameplay and historic battles etc.
You can only choose certain vehicles - they cant rely on their premiums and only play meta.
Or the vehicles they have unlocked are not spaded, because 3.7 is for noob…
Or there is not enough reward.
They can grind faster in random battles

Personally i love the gamemode and wanna see it get some love, i would literally play only that, but i acknowledge the wants of the community and EC does not correlate to those wants.

If you made a vote for EC and the other option was a few new top tier vehicles - i think majority would choose the new vehicles. shame.

Edit: I am referring to combined EC rather than Naval. apologies if off topic.

its by far the best game mode, i only play warthunder for naval ec now… it needs new maps and new objectives!


Currently we don’t plan to extend the current event according to the developers, but it will return as normal next week.

Where is Malta map ? was a good map too !

Can you please leave us the code, we will make new enduring for players.
There are so many possibilities in WT !
Ask to dev if some players maps could be implemented as event.
As like the one i am making : WT Live // Mission by Bombe18


we still get Malta.
In recent big update they changed the maps depending on BR.
With that being said - try mid BR props using only USA or Japan and ONLY take a naval aircraft - that will give you the highest chance of Malta.
Or American attacker such as A26 Invader.

I agree!
I have bookmarked your link and will give it a try tomorrow!

No there is no enduring confrontation actually for naval. There is only saipan, dover strait, denmark, and port moresby

Waiting for a resolution?

For what?
Fixing their game?