What ground forces line is good?

I am kinda new to the game currently on zis-5 kv-1, which nation is good for begginers and is just me or german tank are just better? Almost every german medium or heavy easily kills me and is all red for me (specially the tiger and pz4) so what should i do?

Try playing them and you’ll find out they’re really not that good and the KV-1 you’re using are some of the best.

Shoot PZ IVs in the turret and see them explode. The KV 1 Zis can not meet Tigers in large numbers so avoid the few which can be present.

If you want to learn ground, play Britain

Thanks! I will try hitting there, also i got the kv 85 now

I will try another nation for sure, so i may try Germany or U.S

Or just hit any part of their side…
If you meet a tiger in the KV-85 just go through it’s front plate, or if it is angled go flank it

Which line of them? The idk mediums seems kinda… paper armored

Well what kind of playstyle do you have

I’m not a fan of camping but neither of super massive tanks, so far the kv-1s has been my favourite because of the speed and armor with a pretty good gun imo

So you just like an all rounder?

Yeah, but with more focus on the gun than speed

I may have been unclear there, i mean the gun would be a highlight for me

Maybe try the Chinese tech tree, they have a pretty decent tree. Or stay with Russia, Russia can be fun, but sometimes you can have some drawbacks

I get what you mean dw :)

I will surely check them, i’m grinding the mediums right now because of the next rank and they look fun

Chinese ground tree is good because it gets the best vehicles from USSR and USA, their mediums can play all round and they have good guns

If you want guns, I will recommend the British tree again, they have amazing guns, but you are pretty much paper when it comes to armour, aside from a few exceptions like Cromwells Valentines and Churchills, the Centurion’s armour can be funky sometimes too

I reccomend training at the russian 3.7 line. it is one of the best in the game and offers all kinds of playstyles. From the KV 1 over the all round T 34 with a fun Rank III SPAA later down the line for daylies.
Add the Yak 10 TD truck to the mix for high power gun play at range as well as the KV 2 for Meme HE rounds and an IL 2M for the CAs and you are good to go.

I’d recommend 4.0 because they moved a lot of Russian 3.7s up