What did i do wrong with this bug report?


The link doesn’t appear to work

For me theres nothing popping up

Please tell me this is a dis-classified dokument

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They told you why they rejected it.

“Firstly, your sources do not say anything about propper lofting.
Secondly, at the moment not a single missile in the game has a historical sight. But you can write a suggestion on the forum about adding this mechanic.
Thirdly, at the moment the game does not implement centroid based guidance. But you can write a suggestion on the forum about adding this mechanic.”

I think it is actually export restricted.

I say that because i looked it up on a flight manual purchasing website it they have it labeled as “Not available for export”

Edit: wasnt the f16 flight manual leaked last year? And now leaked again? Lol

Where’d you see that?

Wait then why can I find it by just googling it?

Also that can’t be a reliable source for what’s export restricted or not. The F-15C-34 -1-1is also listed as not available for export but gaijin accepted that as a source

That is just what happens. On the internet does not equal public domain

Fair point on the website. However, a lot of places seem to suggest that the f16 manual is export restricted.

To be fair, could be a different manual but i dont know