What are you doing to stop these hackers from ruining the game?

The hacking is getting completely out of hand. I use to run into a hacker maybe once in 30 matches, and now its like every other match someone is using aimbot, esp, auto aim and who knows what else. Its really killing the game. Impossible shots from behind cover all the way across the map, being shot down almost instantly with a 2S38, and people just knowing your going to come around the corner and just wait with it being aimed at just the right spot to have an instant kill.

Ive reported several people including someone who jumped his tank, turned aimed and killed me, while i was behind cover. watching the replay he just turned and fired immediately clearly using hacks. Its incredibly frustrating to want to play this game when so many people hacking causing it to loose its appeal.

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Recently destroyed a tank which was >1km away, without even seeing it. Only saw that someone caps. So I shot in the direction of the cap and “boom”. Time ago I killed an aircraft with the main gun of my tank. The aircraft was relatively far away, a shot for fun without aiming, kaboom. In urban maps I like waiting behind houses near the caps. All approaching enemy tanks can be heard due to their sound footprint. The sound tells you exactly where to expect the enemy. Enough time to aim in that direction.

that has nothing to do with people cheating and using bots. looking at the replays its obvious these people were cheating. I was in a spot away from spawn his tank snapped directly to me and instantly fired. i was was behind cover you couldn’t see me from where he was, no one marked me. he was in an elevated i was in think tree and cover. no one randomly shoots in this spot. not to mention he did it to another person who he couldn’t see and tracked him with out being able to see them at all.

Cheating is exceptionally hard to detect, and prove at times. Assuming someone is a cheater because they killed you is usually just a knee-jerk reaction, and not correct. The vast majority of players are legitimate, and the frequency with which you claim to see them is improbable to say the least.

I think checking the player‘s kda data is the easiest way.

Mind out for the prejudice you make by assuming that anything that gets you that you can’t understand is a hacker…

It happens a lot.

You really want to look at the server replay, looking from their viewpoint… From this you can also lodge the report showing them hacking if you actually find positive proof.

What I do find is in the haste of battle, many who think people are hacking, are often mistaken… One time I had someone complaining that they had a missile hit them from such a long distance that it wasn’t possible, but they were actually hit by a rocket, which made the kill that much more awesome.

Your killcam also isn’t accurate. I myself had to check a replay last week because it absolutely looked on my screen that they had shot through a building, where they had shot down the side of the building, the killcams angle looked dodgy from that alone, but the fact that they had rolled back into cover, and that the killcam took that ‘origin’ of the shot, made it go through the building on the replay.

There’s just so much there, and no doubt you will find people who will say that the game is plagued with them, but in all honesty, they’re likely facing the same issues.