What are the true base bombing requirements in air RB?

The document on Google Docs, the Enduring Confrontation wiki and the general formula of 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 x 500kg are all inaccurate to what bases in air RB require in terms of bombload to be destroyed. Does anyone know how to find out in the game files or something what exactly the requirements are? I also tried testing in custom battles but the bases there don’t have the same health as the ones in the PvP battles I played. Also I’d rather not have to test for every single bomb type for every single arbitrary BR bracket. Surely War Thunder has some accurate information somewhere about this core mechanic in the game?

Unfortunately not. This question pops up frequently and i always answer the same: Base destruction is determined by 4 factors:

  1. Increasing TNT requirements in various BR steps
  2. Increased TNT requirements of respawning vs non-respawning bases
  3. Small bomb bonus is lowering TzNT requirements by 10-15%
  4. Special cases like napalm bombs, or finishing bases with rockets

You might want to take a look at this post:

Basically it boils down that the TNT requirement to kill a respawning base end around 1.4 tons of TNT required at BR 5.0 (determined by the highest BR in the match) and you have at around BR 2.7 another step increasing the TNT requirement of entry BRs to 0,5-0,6 tons of TNT for a standard base and 0,8-0.9 tons of TNT up to BR 4.7 for a respawning base.

In addition you have rare exceptions like non-respawning bases on Malta at higher tiers (6.0) and special cases like small bomb bonus or napalm bombs - plus the ability to kill bases with very low health with rockets. You find some other exceptions like F-4s killing entire bases with rockets in the old forum…

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your response!

Just double checking do you mean imperial tons or metric tonnes? I know there’s not much difference but I’d like to be as accurate as possible.

So what you’re saying is for 0-2.7 it’s 0.6, for 3-4.7 it’s 0.9, and for 5+ it’s 1.4?

That doesn’t seem right from my experience. I was able to destroy a base with 5 x 250 lb G.P. Mk.IV bombs in a Swordfish Mk I. The total TNT filler on that comes to 153.5kg which is well below the 600kg apparently needed. The enduring confrontation chart is actually accurate for that so long as I increase the BR bracket from 1.0-2.0 to 2.3-3.3. It’s also accurate when I move it up a bracket for the other bomb I tested which was the 1,000 lb AN-M65A1 bomb on the V-156-B1. Have you tested the accuracy on the enduring confrontation chart? Could I use that chart as a reference but just use the BR bracket to the right of whatever I’m flying?

Also, do you know what the airfield value is?

Thanks again!

Mhm, my response was solely aimed for random battles in Air RB - i have zero experience with EC matches. And yes, metric tons.

What i can say is that i managed to kill the enemy airfield in my BR 2.0 Ju 88 A-1 quite often. Even if the airfield was undamaged, my max load of 28x SC 50 and 2xSC 250 was enough to kill the airfield. But not in full uptiers.

If you read my reply again you find out that i refused to determine a TNT requirement below BR 2.7 as my bombing experience there was quite limited and from last year.
I remember that i attacked bases first with a single 250kg and then with a few 50kg in order to benefit from the small bomb bonus and in order to optimize TNT output.
So my value for BRs 2.7 - 4. 7 are correct for Air RB, for your mentioned lower BRs and your special mode i have zero clue if you have the same mechanics there, so i recommend to add a tag EC as there are for sure EC experts willing to help.

I am playing air RB not EC however someone on Reddit stated that the values on the EC chart were correct for air RB as well. Sorry I didn’t clarify that. Also I can’t see in your post where you say your experience below 2.7 is limited and from last year. I didn’t quite understand what you were saying which is why I was requesting clarification.

No offense man, but i think you missed my points.

You asked for base bombing requirements - you got an imho nice summary what is important.

In addition you received tnt values for the BR range 2.7 - 4.7 and 5.0+. Your own summary of my values was wrong as you assigned tnt values for non-respawning standard bases valid for 2.7 - 4.7 to lower BRs.

Furthermore i stated that my base bombing experience at your mentioned very low BRs (<2.7) is limited. I flew just around 130 matches there - in a single bomber and not in the aircraft models you mentioned. 130 matches compared to 10.000 overall matches is rather limited.

But 80% WR and just losing 2 planes in 130 matches in the Ju 88 A-1 should give you an indicator that you talk to a rather experienced Air RB pilot.

As you permanently referred to EC charts, it looked for me that you play EC, and without having checked your stats it seemed a good idea to add an EC tag.

So i am not really sure what the purpose of your latest post was.

There is a very simple and concise new bomb chart. Because I’m currently working on one.
The bomb tables you’re talking about are mostly outdated. You can check out me updated one here:


You can’t just work with set TNT equivalents for the BR brackets, that’s not how bombing works anymore. Since… I think 1.73, I’m not completely sure, base damage is also heavily dependant on the number of bombs.
In simple terms, many small bombs are better than one large bomb of the same weight equivalent.

For example the russian FAB-3000 on the IL-28 can’t destroy a base anymore, it just can’t. The 4 x FAB-500 bombs can tho, although they have less total TNT equivalent.



A perfect example is the B7A2 - now introduced with the Battle Pass as a premium. As i fly currently nothing else but the TT version and a lot of newer players will use the event plane:

The “small bomb bonus” is extremely helpful if you want to kill a standard (= non-respawning) base. U need roughly 0.5 tons of TNT to kill a standard base - the 800 kg bomb has only 0.429 tons of TNT - so not enough. If you drop 9 x 60 kg (= 540 kg and 0,229 tons of TNT) you kill the base.

The main issue with your planned overview is that it looks like a hell of work - and from my pov you need to be transparent for the fellow pilots relying on the data in your file also regarding the economic aspect (=SL/RP income) of various loadouts.

I play just for fun so idc about income or RP gain, but afaik the earnings are mainly connected to dropped TNT value, so it might be possible that using smaller bombs will produce less income. I would have tested it, but the grinding event created an insane amount of bot bombers / suicide Wyverns; almost impossible to get a chance to kill a standard (= non-respawning) base.

GL with your project!

Am I missing something? From my tests it took 13 x 60 kg bombs in the 3.7-4.7 bracket… Were you playing realistic battles? Was it a 3 base map maybe?

Mhm - i wrote:

So yes, i play at 3.7 in Air RB - covering the 2.7 - 4.7 BR range. And a standard base is imho clear enough. Have in mind that we still have 3 maps with 4 standard (=non-respawning) bases left:

Operation Iskra
Huerttgen 2nd battle
Moscow 1941

Gaijin took France 1944 out of rotation, but the other 3 are still available.

My concerns go specifically regarding SL gains (as described earlier) and from my pov the small bomb bonus seem not to work on the enemy airfield…

Have a good one!