Were rewards nerfed again?

I’ve been playing air recently with the F-16AM, and have it talismanned, but i’ve noticed a real decrease in research awards in recent matches ususally with just two kills, I get about 14k RP, but now I do with 4 kills?

What’s going on?

Misput the wrong image lol, mb

5 minutes for 8500 RP? That’s normal.
That’s not below standard rewards.

Really? Felt like a few weeks ago, rather two weeks specific, I was earning about 12k RP if I got two kills alone and I wasn’t in matches for that long lol.

Idk, Back then I was earning around 25k in research I did that well, and now its suddenly half that.

The most I got in the history of WT was ~23500 RP from 5 - 7 frags in my A6M5 Ko back in 2019 in a 10 - 20 minute match.

Haven’t had a 20 minute match since with that performance in a premium since, so I can’t comment in that regard.
I however did receive ~14000 in a non-premium from a 10 minute match getting ~4 frags, which is in-line with that old premium aircraft score.

No changes.
If we change Eco in game, we announce it.