Welcome to a jet experience

Get the swift F.1 and battle against F-104’s not just 1 or 2 half of the American team has 1. Great fun battle that was probably the quickest match i have ever played.
Gets even better when your on the same team. Not long after take off you set your self up to kill an Il28, you shoot a burst of your ADEN Cannon and it blows up and you think WoW. You Look at kill feed and an f104 has shot it with an aim9. What an amazing experience, thanks gaijin you make my day.


Double yawn for the poor souls unable to cope with the first one.

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Yeah air needs decompression between 8.3 and 9.3. The A-4E can go all the way up to 9.7 since it has countermeasures.

Lul yesterday my Sabre fought a team of AV -8A ,J32A,Mig-21’s I shot some ground targets and drove into the ground while all 3 different aircraft shot missiles to deny them a kill…very balanced

It does need decompression, znd that a4e can go up as well that is op at thar br

Agreed. The A-4E can go to at least 9.7 and be okay there since it gets flares.

A-4E at 9.7? It’s a slow attacker plane with AIM-9Bs and flares. At 9.7 most stuff is supersonic, it will get murdered by everything.

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And it murders where it is. It needs to go up. It’ll be fine. Right now it sees early 50s late 40s jets. No way my MD 452 should be seeing it at least.

I’m always amused when anyone who can make it that far down the tech trees is at all phased about getting Gaijined…
Out of lube?

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The A4E will not be competitive above 9.0.
It bleeds tons of speed, and a 9.0 Mig-17 is 100x better in a dogfight.

The only thing keeping it at 8.7 is it’s insane payload options, flares, and it’s Aim-9Bs, if it didn’t have those it would be 8.3.

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Yeah. Unless I am flying my seavixen, the a4 is a tasty treat due to how bad it is at defending itself.

Grits my teeth

It’s an attacker not a fighter. This isn’t the Navy Aggressor A-4. You don’t get to be Jester.

It will definitely hold its own

Anyone who says A-4E should go to 9.3/9.7 clearly has never flown in it. If countermeasures are your reasoning of it going to 9.7, then let’s have CL-13B, F-86F-40 and F-104A/C go down to 8.7 because “they don’t have flares”, despite being significantly better jets than the A-4E.


9 for starters 😆

9.0 for A-4E? I wouldn’t necessarily say its bad but it’s still mediocre for the BR anyway. The only reason it’s kinda good is the immense air to ground payload, but for air to air it’s mid at best and horrible at worst.

lol Just lol

Well then the MD 452 IIC should go down a bit. 30mm cannons is no longer justification for keeping it at 8.3.

Its too strong to be lower than 9. If it was not so why is there so many of them