Weird Battle Rating

Why does the British Sherman II sit at 3.7. Just because it has ACPR? That make’s no sense.
Adding ACPR should not up-BR it to 3.7 from 3.3.

It has always been 3.7 however. Balanced by “stats” and effected by being a minor nation. Now many German mediums dropped in this time but you play with them anyway.

When i said ‘‘from 3.3’’ i meant that the U.S Sherman is at 3.3

I knew that, just the II had always been 3.7 and never thought to question it too much. It is in part the APCR but I can’t say I have ever used it, because it is a horrid round. I feel it could be just down to:

Then again you might find others that swear there is a difference warranting a 0.3 higher BR. Your topic might get more notice in the Machinery of War section and not quite so vague a title ;) Such as: Should the Sherman II be 0.3 higher than the M4A1.