Weekly Decals?

This whole “we only pamper to the majority and nothing else, minority opinions get zero attention” is ludicrous and is one of the biggest things making this game less enjoyable by the day.

Less enjoyable for the minority

But more enjoyable for the majority.

Since the majority is of course by definition larger than the minority, it’s therefore necessarily actually getting MORE enjoyable either overall or on average, not less. (Given the assumption they’re catering to the majority as you say)

They never even explained why they were gone, they just stopped having them… I’m so tired of this lack of accountability and responsibility from everyone involved with this game… it’s just do whatever you want, try to get away with everything you can until people complain too much, then do the bare minimum to shut them up and slowly undo those changes later on.

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Monthly / weekly Decals… count me in on the voting aspect especially historical ones.

If I had to wager a guess, they ran into some IP/licensing challenges with these that they no longer wanted to navigate/negotiate, pay or apply for.

I don’t imagine they have to pay licensing for that.

I am fairly confident that the owner/creator of a squadron symbol or nose-art, be it a government entity or private citizen could seek monetarty compensation for it’s inclusion in the game. Much in the same way Gaijin pays liscensing fees to aircraft manufacturers for depiction of in-game vehicles.

I mean who holds the copyright to a Panther tank? I assume a lot of trademarks and whatnot also have expired over time, and I assume a lot of nose art is kinda questionable as well considering it wasn’t really an official thing and painted by random crew.

I have no idea how the IP works on something like the depiction of a WW2 tank manufactured by a defunct company under a failed regime works, but as I said, I can confidently say that there are individuals and public/private entities that hold the IP on a lot of these things which must grant permission for their inclussion in game. Moreover if Gaijin were to sell them for profit—which they were.

Even if complimentary usage is granted, the giant headache of seeking permission and navigating the IP and rules on an international level is likely not worth it.

Even if that is the case, snail can just communicate this and explain the situation opposed to refusing to explain why a feature has just been removed from the game and hope we will just forget about it.

I want the number decals ;(

Still waiting they bring back this decal :/