Weekly Decals?

So, are weekly decals going to come back?

With Hungary now a minor nation they need a lot more decals.
Especially the modern ground forces roundel.

On a related note why do the planes and the ground vehicles have a different symbol before the nameplate?


They’ve been gone for pretty much the entire year now I think.
Probably too much effort for them to keep going, gotta focus on what thing to copy paste for the next event.

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It’s just not that hard…

It’s not how hard it is in an absolute sense, it’s how hard it is relative to the payoff. I don’t think i remember seeing another player use a single weekly historical decal in … ever, I can’t remember the last time I EVER saw one in a game, actually.

If almost 0% of people use them, and they’re making like $5 off of it, then it’s not worth paying the interns $100 to do it

Uh, first off, this is anecdotal. Second off, almost every player I know uses them on multiple vehicles for multiple nations.

You do realize that that we have had Community Member(s) (fellow players) that have worked very hard on the decals in the past right ?? go and read the blogs and you will see who the community artist is…

so… your not insulting Gaijin, but the players that have worked on them… so, just keep somethings in mind…

Yeah, the people that did most of the work and research but also don’t know where they have gone, who wonder where they are because they:

haven’t seen anything posted on our internal forum since then…so I’m wondering if internal politics/dev scheduling conflicts have gotten in the way

The game needs so many more decals added. I like adding decals to my vehicle’s to make them look historic, like the community skins.

Plus the ability to create your own unit number’s which act as a single decal would be great.


I love to make mine historic too. I love using Decals to basically create a historical skin everyone can see.

Unit number has been a community request for a long time. I’m pretty sure there are concerns about creating endless profanity with l33t speak.

I know you just moderate forums, but do you know what’s up with this? I also like having the goals of unlocking weekly decals. I miss this and with Hungary now a minor TT I would love to see some Hungarian options.

I do not have any news right now… but I will ask o7

So, got a bit of news about it… Devs are aware that players do look forward to the weekly Decals, unfortunately wont be anything new for the rest of this year, but just stay tuned to the news for the next year


Nice, so there is hope! Defo need more decals.