Weakness in German Aircraft


It is especially that German planes do not have Radar rockets unless they are Toptier. Radar rockets, which start at low levels in all nations, are present in only 3 German aircraft. Mig 23 MLA Mig29G and F4 ICE (New) I really wonder why. Even premium planes only have heat-seeking rockets. Of course, these are the simplest heat-seeking rockets. Models that are easily deceived by flares. I hope this issue will be resolved and the German tree will finally get the radar rockets it deserves.

I mean unless I’m wrong those are the only ones that could carry radar guided missiles IRL, so those are the only ones that get them in game.

It’s not because they hate Germany like a lot of people think, it’s just that this game tries to be realistic that’s all.


Benelux (all) in France and Hungary in Italy so realistic. They have many links to Germany in army and so on. Don’t tell about realistic or relationship.

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The key word there was try. Also those are there own nations and in my opinion be there own TT. Just like your about them being in the wrong TT no matter the military connections.

We’re also talking about Germany and Radar missiles here, so please stay in topic


You talk about realistic. I answer. That’s all.

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First missile,first guided missile ,first glide bomb ,all Germany (WWII) if it is so realistic …where are they

There is nothing realistic in this game ,it is all just arcade ,GRB & ARB are just Arcade without markers ,nothing more .

German heavy tanks should be bouncing all allied ammo (exception being 122 m/152 mm Russian) like they are confetti unless they close to 200/300 meters and yet Gaijin clutched for that “armor quality” straw and ran with it.

If game was realistic …Russian tanks that are disabled shouldn’t take part in any further fighting ,no more repairs due to crews that had 0 training all the way to 1944 .

To say that Gaijin is impartial is just laughable,every single update they keep loading Russian TT with more and more “Objects” with questionable ammo/specs ,planes are same whilst leaving certain nations with holes in their TT’s the size of PE 8.

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They have equal relationship with both countries.
A large reason Netherlands would choose Germany is the lack of language barrier compared to France.

While the British have a radar rocket on the Tornado plane, the German planes do not. Even rockets are very few.

Again, correct me if I’m wrong but they’re different variants. I do not believe the German tornado ever carried radar guided missiles unlike the British ones

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The missles use same pod man. this is not variants.

What are you talking about? They are not launched from bods. They are launched from rails. Rockets are launched from pods, but none of them are radar guided.

The reason that the Germany tornado does not have radar guided missiles is because they never used them, at least to my knowledge. The British ones did however so that’s why they get them.

And they are different variants. The British ones that carry radar guided missiles are F.3’s not the IDS ASSTA1 that Germany has in its TT.


Then why does my friend use f4 fox 3? If there were no radar rockets in German history The issue is not the date or whether it should be used or not. The issue is whether to make the game equal or not.

Because the F4 ICE was updated to use Fox 3’s unlike older models.

There are radar missiles in Germanys history, but the tornado that is in game never used them so that’s why it doesn’t have them

Not everything is equal bro. Not everything is fair and even. This game is one of those things. War is one of those things. You use what you have and get over it. It did not use them historically so it’s not getting them. And if Gaijin thought it was an issue then they would have artificially buffed it


It’s just a game and it has to be Equal. I’m not here to learn life lessons.

No that’s not how it works 😂

If everything we’re fair then it would go no where. Someone or something will always be better to keep things going.

Also Gaijin would loose too much money if they made everything and everyone equal so it will never happen. Now if you have a problem with that then write them instead of coming here

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Because Britain and Italy bought interceptor variant of Tornado with radar and rails for missiles. Germany used strike variant only

The Sherman Firefly was pretty much optimized to destroy german tanks, especially tigers and panthers.

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Most sane German main

It does not do that, at all.

Brother you are a wehraboo. Spouting history channel of the 2000s nonsense

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