We should have the option

  1. We should be able to ban any maps we don’t like. Not being able to ban it doesnt stop me from just exiting and playing another nation. It simply leaves my team down one player.

  2. We should have the option not to play mixed nation battles. Killed Phantoms is fun, but I want to hunt Migs. Currently I rarely get to hunt maybe 1 or 2 Mig 29s per match. If you are lucky and someone else doesn’t kill them first.

Players should have options, not be force fed.


I agree with this a lot, I’m sick and tired of Britain going up against German/Soviet MiG-29s each match and being teamed up with brain dead F-4S and F-14 phoenix spammers (They don’t get any kills)

Yeah, THere are quite a few GRB maps I just hate. But can only blacklist 1 as I have premium. I get there needs to be a limit, but having 3-5 blacklist is not going to break anything and if everyone is blacklisting the same maps, then maybe that map just needs to be removed from the pool.

I agree with this

Another thing, disliking maps should make them less common to you!

Yeah I don’t understand this at all. I can dislike it and still get it 5 times in a row.

Dislikes do NOTHING. Nothing at all, all it does is send feedback to gaijin, it’s a useless button that does nothing, and why are we limited to 3 dislikes and 3 likes?

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That was supposed to be the purpose of the dislike feature. Only thing is other players had to of disliked the same map you did.
Probably worked as intended as we see poor map rotation. Brought on from disliking the same maps.

I’d also add a feature where it doesn’t put u on the same map for more than two matches, that’d already be a great start…

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Another thing I would like to see (Which would help some matchmaking issues) would be to choose your maximum uptier/downtier limit. For example if I was in my Phantom FGR.2, and as I am stock, I don’t want to face 12.0s, I could put my uptier limit to 0.3/4 to only put me at 11.7 maximum, however this would also only put me at 11.0 minimum.

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Yeah that would be good

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I can with 99% certainty say that dislike does what it is suposed to do and that it decreses the chance of you getting the map. The map just need to be also disliked by others and even then it isn´t guarantee.

I don’t know how it would work for sim though, but I feel like these current EC rooms aren’t great, just the fact that you can see jets in your lancaster? I mean that’s a bit iffy

And I have a habit of disliking maps people like, and the fact you can only do 3 of them?

I am going to assume for reasons like this?



I mean, are you even fighting at that point?

Or when you fire a phoenix from so far away, that you catch the furball and get a kill at the same time.



You phantoms just shouldn’t be at this BR.

I actually think the EC brackets work really well

You know what you’ll face up front and it changing means the “meta” at lower BRs change too. But a limited uptier/downtier system for stock wouldnt be applciable to SB

I just don’t feel like Tornados, Viggens, and Phantoms have any place near the F14s, F16s, Mig 27, Mig 29, and Yak 141… They shouldn’t see us at all.

Not for the reason of Phoenix, I am a fairly competent player in my F-4J, I’m just meaning if I am stock grinding (I am currently stock grinding my Phantom FGR.2), I don’t really want to be facing MiG-29s and F-16s, 2x AIM-9D isn’t really helpful in the all aspect point and the GAU-4 is good, but has limited capabilities.

Oaky, they work really well except EC9 :P

This is a key point. All Aspect are a huge game changer. It needs a better BR up.