We should be able to decline a vehicle from an event and swap it out for an old event vehicle, if we did the grind

i think they should do the same thing for Warbond shop and Battle Pass and events… Let us have Options, especially options that we missed out on, for one reason or another.

They recycle the shop regularly, and you could gain a lot of small vehicles you missed out on a year or so ago.

yup, they do that… Very often… but i wish they had more options… espcially since im basically only interested in tanks… and the last 3 warbond shops have been poo

idk about you but in my experience the F4S isn’t that bad

of cause in the hands of Damien, Level 12 who just researched his first Mustang it’s terrible but so is everything else

with the exception of those vehicles which are most interesting

TB 3 for example

I’m not saying it’s bad, only that giving out insanely good vehicles for well below the price will drastically increase the amount there are.

Damien? I haven’t read in here that much.

They are not inherently “insanely good”, they are insanely good at a specific BR which can simply be changed, which is the correct way to balance things anyway. “Limiting it to really rich people but leaving it at a broken BR anyway” was never the correct way at any volume of vehicles in play.

Yes, they are. A 130mm gun with VERY good shells, great armor, good maneuverability for its size. It has no need to go to 9.0, and it does very well at its own BR without being overpowered.

The proactive get the rewards, those who haven’t put in the work or are late to the party have no reason to get the same. Do you want them to hand out Franco-German vehicles again? Why not give away the E-100 for a few battle tasks?

Actually, now that I think of it, how would this even be implemented? What purpose does it serve??

And if it’s too much money, blame those who put in the time to get it.

Yes, my post already answers this question

Why not give away the E-100 for a few battle tasks?

They should, again that’s the whole topic of this post. Not that it would be the advertised theme, but as a replacement option for those who want it.

What purpose does it serve??

For players: not unfairly locking vehicles by your join date that was totally out of your control, and being generally much happier having what you want (that you grind for fairly)

For Gaijin: MUCH more motivated event participation, which = money.

how would this even be implemented

Just a simple UI menu when you win your event vehicle that asks if you want to swap it for a different one with a dropdown menu, etc.

It doesn’t seem to, all it says is “we should be able to trade new vehicles for old vehicles!”, although the entire point of those vehicles is that they were limited time only. You’ll never be getting another German CR.42, and there’s no reason why you should be able to.

The join date is entirely in your control, and this game isn’t attempting to “make people happy” by giving them what they want. The entire game revolves around grinding and working towards a vehicle. Whether that be selling other vehicles, or simply doing the tasks.

Again, purely an idea. But maybe try this…
It lets players earn vehicles, then trade them in for other vehicles!

You answer yourself… 500 dollars that someone put in the snail. Easy money they won’t give up

No, the actual point of them was to drive engagement and more play hours during those events, which makes people spend more money (to buy premium days while they grind, buy modifications on stuff they just unlocked, etc).

I’ve never actually seen a single event advertisement harp on or significantly focus on limited time-ness at all, AFAIK, nor do I know why any player would actually give a crap about that anyway. They want vehicles because they’re fun to drive, they have no reason to care about exclusivity.

The actual point (engagement) can still be used for more revenue by people being MUCH more motivated to grind future events if they get their dream old vehicle than if they get [random new junk they probably care less about] = more $$$ for Gaijin.

Much much more $$$ over millions of players than a few bucks commission on a sale every 2-3 weeks of some ultra rare thing.

The entire game revolves around grinding and working towards a vehicle.

My suggestion literally requires the exact same grind or MORE (newer events are grindier than historic ones) as before. So this does not contradict anything I suggested. There was no whining about evading the grind. You’d still have to do 1 whole event grind per 1 vehicle, like always. You’d earn it exactly as much as any old event players earned it. No advantages, no gimmes.

maybe try this…

I can’t seem to find the link for the Ka Chi, the Zrinyi 1, or the Sturmtiger, can you please help me out with those? Thanks bro.

Gaijin doesn’t get $500 when there’s a $500 market sale. They get their commission cut, which is like 10% IIRC, $50.

Yes, someone at some point bought 500 GJN, but since it doesn’t disppear into the void, that doesn’t all count. 450 of it will keep circulating around elsewhere buying other things, then 405 of that will move on again, then 364.5 of that will move on again, and so on. They made $500 from ALL those sales combined as it eventuallyd windles to 0GJN, they did not make 500+465+405+364.5… all combined.

The amount permanently sunk = the amount that this one trade can attribute the credit for having been bought = $50.

And then these $500 sales also only happen like every 2 weeks on those rare vehicles, because there’s not many people crazy enough to spend that. So at $50 every couple of weeks, they’re making enough to stock the break room with coffee, at best, from those.

The TB3 was available on their tenth anniversary, iirc last year?

It is 15%

Thus depriving Gaijin of their 15% or whatever - so never going to happen.

youre not really factoring in several factors… The main one being player interest/disinterest. Take the current event vehicle, LOSAT. Lots of people are not interested, but more people would play/grind to get other vehicles they Are interested in and didnt get for whatever reason… That added play time and vehicle accrual would be way more than 15% for gaijin


I would finally be able to get the Ka-Chi

Depriving them of 15% of $500 every couple of weeks = about $37 a week

In exchange for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users logging on 2-3x more than usual during future events to grind and buying all sorts of other services, due to being 2-3x more motivated to do events now that they have actually fun prizes for them.

Hmmmm tough call. $37 a week? Or like $30,000 a week?

Love your PIDOOMA data

You can see the full transaction history of marketplace vehicles right on the marketplace, my guy.

The VFW for example, old stale vehicle not recently re-released, has sold 23 times in the last month, for an average of around 115 GJN. Actual data this time, check it yourself. 115x0.15x23 = $396 total revenue for Gaijin for a month of VFW activity on the marketplace. Woooow break out the champagne!

The BA-11 I’d love to have, it sold 7 times in the last month for about 175 GJN each. 175x0.15x7 = a whopping $183 Gaijin made last month from it on the marketplace.

The boarhound sold 2 times for 600 GJN each = $180 for Gaijin

This is peanuts. They make like $2,000,000 a month, these 3 vehicles for example are 0.04% of their revenue.