We should be able to decline a vehicle from an event and swap it out for an old event vehicle, if we did the grind

So I could do the next operation WINTER event, and click a button to not get whatever low tier vehicle that was, and instead get a Zrinyi 1, or a Sturmtiger, or a Ka Chi. High tier ones are required to swap out an older event’s high tier one, and so on.

I did the whole event grind, just like people did back then, so nobody can say there was any unfair treatment, or getting around anything. In fact, newer events are MORE grindy than old ones were, so I’m doing even more than they did.

And it would stop players being punished for arbitrarily not having joined the game earlier.


I’d be getting the Twitch Drop Puma that I missed out on, then I’d want the other puma that I think I missed out on too.

Matter of fact, that’s me… Loading up the pumas…

Great idea actually. This opens up a way to get old event vehicles without paying $500


i think it would only really make sense if it had to be a similar event, i.e. you would get another future twitch drop to get an old twitch drop. A crafting thing to get an old crafting thing. A SUMMER or WINTER to get an old SUMMER or WINTER, a battlepass to get an old battlepass


I would prefer if they recycled event vehicles and had them as prizes for events. If you already have it, you can grind it out to sell or you can finally take a break from the grind

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Very bad idea IMO, the first vehicle people will got to is the 279 and we arleady have enough of them out there.
Also it would make the prices on the market crash which would make the whole thing pointless. Agreed that some prices are outrageous though.

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Being afraid of vehicles being available is silly. We have a perfectly functional balancing mechanic in game, called BR, it simply needs to be used, and 279 is no issue, like any other vehicle.

it would make the prices on the market crash which would make the whole thing pointless.

??? What did you think the “point” was if that makes it “pointless”?


Lol, saying that the BR is a “perfectly functional balancing mechanism” is interesting while we have numerous examples showing that it isn’t and starting with the BR=stats system.

Well having a reward in the form of money for grinding like a no-life for two weeks.


Congratz, you found the reason why it won’t happen!

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Eat your heart out, mate.

Remember when the F-4S was added? Especially when F-16s came out, all you would see are F-4S’s. The team would die within seconds.

Unlike the F-4S, the Obj. 279 is amazing.

It’s a nice idea, but gaijn won’t agree because he takes some % of the vehicles sold at the market, so they have to cut themselves off from the extra earnings.

Actually, this would be cool. I usually dont bother unless its for a nation that I actually play/may play in the future. This update, nothing. So didnt bother. If I could exchange it for old event vehicles. Would have done it. There is a few I’d quite like

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Gaijin won’t do that, because they profit off market scarcity.

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[what did you think the point was?] having a reward in the form of money for grinding like a no-life for two weeks.

Grinding for cash is dumb, just get a real job. Even if you’re a high schooler, you can mow a lawn, help organize your neighbor’s garage for a garage sale, walk dogs, babysit, etc. here and there

This is not a culture that is of value to preserve. If a feature nukes the ability to work for Gaijin for $0.50 an hour, oh no! People aren’t acting illogically against their own self interest? Oh well. Anyway…

The point of the suggestion was to solve the issue of newer players being unfairly screwed out of old vehicles they didn’t do anything wrong to deserve not accessing.

Lol, saying that the BR is a “perfectly functional balancing mechanism” is interesting while we have numerous examples showing that it isn’t and starting with the BR=stats system.

BR=stats is the obviously correct way to use BR. Nothing else makes sense. If one team’s players are more skilled than another team’s players, and you give each of them an equivalent vehicle at the same BR with no handicaps, then one nation will almost always be guaranteed to lose the instant you click “To Battle”, while the other is almost guaranteed to win.

Everyone has less fun in lopsided games, the players have less agency, and the game is worse. Players quit, Gaijin loses money. Everyone loses if you DON’T make BR=stats.

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A $500 bid doesn’t mean gaijin is making any significant revenue. Those ones only sell like once a month, on which they get a $50 or something commission? Oh wow, amazing!

The events all having double the interest in them and people logging on and playing a bunch (which means they want to buy modifications on things they unlocked, they want to have premium time active while they’re logging on every day, etc) would make orders of magnitude more money than the commissions on a single $500 sale every few weeks.

It is not just the 500$ sales. Almost all my event planes go through the market. So there is a lot more turnover than those rare sales. (And we don’t know if they all represent real sellers or maybe spontaneously form in the market server).

And if you could get older vehicles later, then it isn’t as important to get them now. What about peoples FOMO? You kill it ;-).

Or you can just play a game and earn money. Not my fault if you don’t like it but it’s a possibilty and people use it.

Sure, that’s why half of the players is against it and some niche vehicles are curelly uptiered because of very good average players while some very good tanks are downtiered because played by random people who just started the game

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I don’t care or mind if people use it, I’m just saying it’s not a valuable aspect of the game, because it’s pretty silly to do. Losing it is no big deal, and not much of a reason to like or dislike some idea, if this is a side effect.

half of the players is against it

And 99% of all game developers, including even board games, IRL sports leagues, etc. balance on 50/50 win chances. If we are delving into ad populum arguments anyway: who knows better? Some people on a War Thunder forum (who are biased in favor of more skilled players who hang out here, mind you)? Or the entire profession of gaming’s experts for like 100 years+?

Chess balances on 50/50, Starcraft does, Fortnite, Overwatch, COD, the NBA does (worst teams get first drafts), you do when you play soccer in the part with your friends (if one of your friends is a pro, you will put fewer friends on his team to compensate), etc. etc.

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The NORMAL sales are not a good argument here, because you could still send these through the market too… (the ones you chose as replacements, if they are market vehicles, at least). They would not fetch $500, since they would have no hyper rarity anymore, but they would still fetch normal prices on par with normal recent event vehicles.

So Gaijin doesn’t lose THOSE normal size, normal scale commissions, as they’d still be happening with this idea implemented. All that changes is the extremely low volume, $500 trades stop, which is more or less inconsequential to them.

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