We officially have two top tier premiums*

Since event vehicles are in the Premium Vehicles section, gaijin has broken their promise of not adding TT premiums

premium and event still are 2 different things, we always had top tier events even when it still only was rank 7


they reneged on this with the Tiger HAP and Ka-50 years ago, and again with Click-Bait and OES


These are event vehicles. We’ve had top tier event vehicles for a long time. They’re bad for the game and I don’t like them, but they’re not new.

Also please update your lang mod. The Mirage 2000 C S4 still has its file name, the MiG-29A should be the MiG-29 (9-12A), and the Tornado IDS should be the IDS-Tornado with its long stat card name being the IDS-Tornado (Batch 2) (MLU Phase 1). That IDS-Tornado thing only applies to the German one because German naming schemes are weird.

Since it appears you’re using InFerNos1’s lang mod, here’s the link to its most updated version.

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Nah, I modified the IFN1 to such an extent that I cba. I add the new vehicle’ lang every time a new update comes out adding a vehicle.

Here’s some screenshots showing that. I currently have done Israel, UK, Germany and removed the <@color/> thingy from weapon names.


I also decided to do the right thing with the supposed J-11

Why do you feel like they are bad for the game?

aaaandddd I modified the Blk to Blq on the french Tigres

Currently gajin added event vehicle aircraft toptier only but not considered premium pre-order pack aircraft at rank 8 (11.7 ~ 12.3) before introduced rank 9 for aviation toptier

I’m not war_Tinder but the basic reason is that they allow people who have little to no game knowledge and no lineup to mess up top tier for a while. It’s not good for the players jumping up to top tier either because they are probably not going to have a very good time playing against significantly more experienced players in what is effectively a different game.


This naming choice is baffling but anyway, I’m not looking to get into a discussion about lang mods. I also have my own, I don’t use IFN1’s.

They ruin the matchmaker by allowing people into top tier who have no knowledge of it which also gives those new players a bad impression of top tier. And now with this new event cycle, the destroyed matchmaker will happen forever.

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I started war thunder top tier jets with the F-4F (early). I was a noob back then. It was so much fun (despite dying a lot lol) that i decided to grind us air tree and now i fly air rb just for fun every day. Without that one free jet i still wouldn’t have done it. It also makes everyones grinding easier by giving them ‘‘free food’’ which is alright. You only learn by playing. Despite mirage 2000 c4 being an event plane and the teams being filled with ‘‘event noobs’’ i have had the highest winrate of any country at 70%.

So i personally did not have this effect happen to me even though i started in a flareless phantom.

I think it just lets people experiment and if they’re not having fun in top tier, they can learn by playing and watching videos or just chill in lower tiers until they got it

I feel like the ‘‘ruined match maker’’ part is slightly exaggerated. I even started on a level 0 crew but in couple days i had G tolerance and Stamina at max :). These event planes have been a really positive player experience for me apart from the tornado ids marineflieger.

I should look at how players with no other top tier jets than the mirage 2000 are performing. This way i can get a look on how much they have been learning, how well they are performing and how much they are appearing. I think the opening to top tier gives players the opportunity to try and learn something new without spending ages to grind an air tree.

will update this as my games go on:
12x of them had other top tier jets already.
3x unexperienced (same guy for the 3rd time now. playing his 6th battle).

Thanks for proving they broke no promises.

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Event vehicles are not premiums.

Well actually, some are also premiums, but not those ones.

Up until 12.7 as introduced, 12.3 was top tier
So 11.3s could end up in top tier battle. Let’s be honest, most of times that was the case actually
(The fun times of trying to dodge R-73 in an F-4S)
That means F-4S and Mig-23ML were top tier premiums… Sort of?