We need stock chaff and MRAAM, after addition of FOX3 and MP nerf

I just miskicked this topic and deleted it, now rewriting, what a pain :(
So these have been circling around the forum for quite a while, and I would like to finally bring them up to the table on this important moment. This would only apply for jets higher than a certain BR.

With the MP adjusted and the current state of the game, one can no longer efficiently defeat a missile by flying low. Right now the only effective way to defeat a MRAAM (Medium Range Air-Aire Missile) is the chaff. Notching itself is not nearly sufficient due to the high tracking performance of FOX3s, including narrower speed gate, IOG, and most importantly, all aspect locking capability. This problem is exaggerated by the improved speed of FOX3s, usually anything launched within 10km would require chaff or else player will not be able to defeating it just by notching, simply not enough time.

I do realize monetization is important for a game like WT and stock is a important part, but I want to point out any plane should have some minimum degree of playability,

Thus, I would suggest that we make chaff available for default, but only at a fixed rate of 50/50 Flare/Chaff. Research option will instead unlock customizable amount.

This will make so that the pain for stock regarding the change of MP can be mitigated, while keeping the researchable modification intact. If a stock plane has to be limited in its capability, at least it should have some basic ability to defend itself.

With the recent change, I would have to point out something I predicted - and I saw, the fact that the close up engagement is getting ever more scarce and the furball is in a certain way - gone. This is mostly a good news, but that makes stock plane’s life even harder by reducing its chance to get a lucky shot in the chaos. A pair of FOX2 is no longer sufficient to keep its efficiency, and it would only struggle more in the new META.

This will undoubtfully create more pain and suffers than intended, and the stock grind will be inevitably even harder in the new environment,

Thus I would propose half amount of the low tier MRAAM (SARH or ARH) should be added for these planes.

This way a capable pilot can actually secure a kill when a certain opportunity is created, so that he does not need to rely on pure luck, opponents making mistake, or even KS to get pass the stock. All of these while keeping the researchable options intact.

I’m only here to give my suggestions based on my experiences, and I believe the team in Gaijin can and will make changes based on this patch, but it’s better to do it now before the damage is done.


Yes especially for stock SARH on most ARH vehicles, whether that be AIM-7F, R-27R, or Skyflash DF.

Fox 3s aren’t even that bad. The MP nerf had a greater impact on Fox 1s imo (I know, Fox 1s shouldn’t be affected, I just think the Aim-7Ms feel stronger since the update)

It’s imo a good change, it made everything fun, but as people worried it did exaggerate the stock problem.

perhaps. I’ve been having a pretty good time in the F-15 though. I’ve only gotten killed by Fox 3s once or twice today. It might have actually improved the game because now you don’t have to worry about as many Fox 1s and Fox 2s.

Its torture to play this game while stock, my kd with the ice is at 1:12 rn, really hard to play