We need more player tiers

It is currently unfair to ALL players that when you reach BR 6.7 you have to play with players who are BR 12+. the 6.7 player can in NO WAY contribute to any of the game play. we need a _= 1or 2 BR to make gameplay enjoyable for all

I am confused. Do you mean that 6.7 vehicles meet 12+ vehicles?
This can only happen if you have a vehicle with the corresponding BR.
A pure 6.7 lineup leads to a maximum of 7.7 battles.

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I was mistaken in my initial post and have therefore removed it.


I hope we can bring light into the darkness. It leaves a lot open to interpretation … so I’d rather ask. I’m curious to see what it all boils down to.

He speaks about the 6.7 jets in assault jets, which are playing with Mig29 and F15. Top planes are so fast and powerful that you do not have the time to score with your MD-452 or Me-262. There is no bracket after 6.7. Me262 play in the same team as F-15 and Mig-29

I face to this also, but I am seasoned and smart enough to have a high score and finishing mainly in the top 3 of a team full of Su-27 and other modern jets.
Unfortunately, when I try to help those kind of guys, and provide them my advices and my experience, they never listen and they prefer to insult, cry and leave. So, sorry, I have no compassion for you.

Top tier players are mandatory in assault jets. I have a >95% winrate in assault jets, thanks to the top players.

If I don’t have the firepower and the speed of a F-15, I use my brain. But it looks like there is not a lot of players with this ability…

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Elitist tier behaivor trying to make it like its acceptable that 7.0 is alongside 13.0

If you look at the topic’s tags, it clearly says “Assault Air.”

Assault Air Arcade has 6.7-12+ BR as its highest bracket.

In other words, an F7F propeller plane with simple guns has to contend with a top tier fox3 jet and basically end up doing nothing.

Honestly the assault should be removed,that mode in tanks is nearly unplayable with the sniper AI non stab equipped tanks oneshoting u while on the move. The air one is evenr worse tho. Why even play it,for the booster? Can just log in and get booster too.

Trying to make stock vehicles usable in PvP.

Either by unlocking parts for tanks or, I am prop only so far, but chaff/flare for jets according to what I’ve read elsewhere…

I could swear that at the beginning there was Air-Arcade …

thx for advice anyway :-)

So, I spaded my Spit 24, all the Swifts, a Meteor, the Kikka, started to do all early German jets, all in PvE.

The trick to 6.7+ is this:

You get A LOT more score per kill than the highest BR.
As long as you get about 1500 score (maybe 2k) you have MAXED out the earnings IF the mission succeeds (bad team mates are bad team mates).
As a 6.7+ you have a simple tactic called Pre-emptive Placement.

Pre-emptive Placement: you will work out the only spawn directions, you GUESS where the next wave is coming while all others rush to one spawn (terrible tactic). When the next wave pops you hope to be near , get one or two, move to next guess. You will accrue more score thsn a 12.7 with ten times the kills.

I was soloing whole fighter waves (nation AI dependant) as that is what you are supppsed to do, the bomber waves being the waves you need more teamwork in.

IF you are constantly running from group to group you are doing it WRONG (if you are struggling for score)

IF you are not near a wave the PRE-EMPT.

Again, you get A LOT more score per action.

And again, I spaded so many 6.7-8.0 vehicles. Easy mode (but long) unless your team mates are leeches/scum.

Also the top trick for max rewards (lower costs) is to land if damaged if close/you are low/stuck low after AI ground. Before the repair timer ends if you J out and select the same vehicle you will not get a rep cost for a new spawn and be instantly in the air. If you do this just on reload or let it complete the repair you will be stuck with an airfield spawn.

So: Preempt
Play smart
Learn Priorities
Learn to air start if landing is quickly done.

Max profit with 6.7+ using the “slow mode”.
Of course people use PvE for boosters, but with some terrible stock grind (mk 24 gets its guns sorted on the LAST mod tier… all my RB was almost all full uptier with some ass teams so moved to PvE for sanity).

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Air arcade is just a different set of rules, it is not a training ground for RB (though it sort of can be).

RB players will get wrecked in 6.7+ and queues are bad for these AB tiers (and expect queues in PvE; 6.7+ probably the quickest queues).

Simply play in RB. I remember dying few games to get stock flares,not a big deal,then same for tank parts. Or GE it if u dont want to die.

login boosters arent as good on average