We need more Cold War jets soon

There’s not much to say on this topic other than, we’re missing a ton of Cold War jets, whose gameplay is superior to modern jets in this game. This means more should be added before more modern jets are.


You mean Korean War era jets?

Gameplay being superior or not is your own POV.

Which jets of Cold war should be added then? List them on your post,… because for now on, many people don’t see what aircrafts could enter the game.(not myself, as i can think of at least 8 aircrafts accrossed 4 nations)

  • F-86H-10
  • FJ-3M
  • Gnat/Ajeet
  • Vampire T.55 for JASDF
  • CA-27 Sabre Mk.32
  • Lim-6bis
  • MiG-15UTI
  • J-6III
  • F-7P
  • F-104A late model for ROCAF
  • Mirage IIICJ(late model)



Yeah, I’d need them to properly compose a pure West Germany/Early Bundeswehr lineup.
Or, even have a pure Warsaw Pact lineup too.

Rather than mix both, if not borrow WW2 vehicles…

What about the Su-20 that were owned by West Germany but not by the GDR?
I guess it would be interesting stuff at 10.3BR if it gets R-60s.


BR’s a bit too high… I’m looking for 8.0/7.7, since it is still early cold war lineups.
But it would be a good addition when I get to higher BR vehicles.

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While the fancy 80s-modern era jets and missiles are cool I really want some more attention to the early-mid cold war era.

Critters like the F-101/102/106, Yak-28P, and Su-9/11/15 interceptors would be a welcome sight.

Same goes for the older AAMs like AIM-4/26, R-8/98 ect plus all the beam riding missiles that can be added…

Would they be good or meta? Heck no but I still want them regardless since they would be interesting vehicles to play.


in that BRs, some aircraft could be implemented in the game.

  • Me 262 B-1/U-1
  • Me 262 C-3a
  • T-33 that is trainer variant of P-80C
  • English Electric Canberra B2
  • MiG-15UTI that is trainet variant of MiG-15
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F-7U cutlass

MIG-15UTI which is biplace MiG15bis
MiG-17 PFU with radar and only 23mm, 2x missiles RS-2 (–> alike AA.20 missiles)
La-150 (MiG-9 alike)
La-152 (yak-15 alike with 3 guns)
La-168 (MiG-15/yak-30 alike)

Mystère IVN (night fighter variant with radar integrated)

Possibly armed prototype such as

Nord 1500 Griffon 2:
it’s dual engine - 1 classic for takeoff, and 1 stato reactor after takeoff
Could recieve 2xMagic-I // AIM-9B, + 2x30mm DEFA
not entirely historical, as the aircraft itself never been armed, but it was made to compete with Mirage IIIC, so it can at least recieve IR missiles and guns, while the Radar have no place to be integrated on that plane, speed/acceleration differences would make it balanced to fight SARH equipped aircrafts.

Nord Gerfaut (guns only)
SNCASO Trident III (with only 1 R.530 missile only, possibly guns 2x30mm DEFA)


These are WW2 vehicles…
Unless West Germany/East Germany also used them?

They did rattle through the 60’s a bit too quickly tbh

Lightning F.1 and F.2
Sea Vixen FAW.1

F-101B, 102, 106 < interesting planes but debatable how useful they’d be in game with the weapons they had.


Tech Tree version of:

F-11 Tiger & F4D Skyray

The event FJ4 Fury ended up in the TT, so why not…?
Really don’t like that they got into a habit of planting USN fighters out of reach to anyone unable to spend 26 hours a day grinding an event.


I agree.

There is a lot of interesting USA ones that should be added.

F-106 with the M61 refit could probably work more or less fine, the 101B and 102 on the otherhand are abit of a challenge but… I think they could bend the rules a little and give them the XAIM-4H (Improved AIM-4D with a proxy fuse) and that would make them workable.

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AIM-4D would be good enough, but they’re far shorter range than AIM-9’s

Considering that gaijin doesn’t consider the “Failure rate” of any combat system, those would have higher kill rate in the game, than in Real life, even without proxy fuse.

Lightweight & medium weight jet bomber cold war

  • B-45A-1 Tornado
  • B-45A-5 Tornado
  • A3D-1 (A-3A) Skywarrior
  • A3D-2 (A-3B) Skywarrior
  • B-58A Hustler
  • A-5A (A3J-1) Vigilante
  • A-52 (A3J-2) Vigilante
  • Mirage IVA
  • Mirage IVP
  • English Electric Canberra B Mk. 5
  • English Electric Canberra B(I) Mk. 8
  • Tu-22B (Blinder-A)
  • Tu-22RD (Blinder-C)
  • Tu-22M Backfire
  • Tu-22M1 Backfire
  • Tu-22M2 Backfire
  • Tu-22M3 Backfire
  • FB-111A Aardvark
  • F-111G Aardvark

I think maybe jet aircraft from early-post war, korean war & vietnam war era



I mean, seriously, such an icon of a plane and it isn’t there… just a wish.com knockoff in the Chinese tree as a premium no less.

There is a premium variant in Russian TT too.

That doesn’t have afterburner

That s a Mig-17AS, the 17F has afterburner, no missiles, like Lim5P just different guns and different TT. And really this shouldn’t be some premium/event plane but solid TT.