We need more Cold War jets soon

I agree with you (yeah my bad,… always thinked it was using VK-1F,…)

Anyway in the list i gave, the PFU is somehow even better than F, as it also have access to the radar mounted in nose and is mounted with VK-1F engine

place a suggestion

Yes, I agree with the post.
Since the foldering up of vehicles will happen in the next patch there is no, and i mean ZERO excuse to add more gen 2/3 jet aircraft to those folders.
American naval attackers/ fighters ( F-8J, F4B/N, A-4s), soviet fighters and interceptors ( MiG-23bis/P, Su-11/15, MiG-27L, Yak-28P), chinese fighters and attackers (Q-5D/N, F-8III/IIM, J-7s) and many, MANY more can be added and would offer great variety to both gameplay and diversity capabilities.
There’s a lot more nations’ planes i didn’t mention, take those as examples, but I’m sure that can be done with literally every air tree in game, so why the heck not!

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Would love to see the F-101-B added

  1. Anyone who agrees should like this post and keep it bumped on the front page to make sure gaijin is aware of the interest but also favorite his OP.

  2. I for one am SUPER for this as it would make decompression much easier plus we’re missing half of the jet generations we’ve already skipped like gen1/2/3

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All of these would be in the 7.0-8.3 bracket which is what you asked about.

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You are missing the dream that is lacking:

Avro Vulcan! To come directly after the Canberra in the tree please.

(The only plane you see BETTER when it is coming with the sun in its back, because you are suddenly in the shadow!)

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Vulcan been denied for years, because of it’s maximum altitude compared to the Potential BR this should be added to,… unless making it to takeoff as others aircrafts (except bombers) the Vulcan would remain unharmed for the whole game while having a big impact on Ennemy team points, due to the payload capacity.

Thanks for all the replies everyone. Imo, the first ones that should be added are also the most obviously missing: the F-101, F-106, Su-15, and my personal favorite, the Tu-28, an enormous and impractical interceptor that is the size of most bombers, and the largest “fighter” jet to ever fly. Guys, we know now if we make enough noise Gaijin will notice us. Keep commenting and boosting this post and we will at least be on the devs radar. I know this won’t make everyone happy but I’d gladly pay for some of the more obscure models as premium/event vehicles like the Tu-28, F-107 etc

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Many posts/threads like this were present in the past → the result wasn’t there anyway,…

But maybe when Gaijin’s will hit the 5th gen and see how harder it is to make accurate enough FM/damage models/payloads/ect. That they will come back on the earlier aircrafts.

However, i feel like many enthusiastic peoples would found those aircrafts fun to play

But I’m looking for West Germany vehicles for the pure bundeswehr/early West Germany lineup…

Sounds like you want a roleplay lineup though, which is a seriously niche thing.

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Don’t forget all the Russian K-5 beam rider carriers:
MiG-17 PFU, MiG-19PF, Su-9 (also carried early SARH K-55)

Or other AIM-4 carriers like the F-101 and F-102.

All would go great in game. Especially Sim EC

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Placed a suggestion with the afterburning engine and radar gunsight as one of the new features. It was “approved”, nowhere to be seen

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same with a few of my own suggestions with the PUMA for example