We Need More Bases In Air Realistic Battles

We need more bases in Air Realistic Battles!

Normally, in Air RB there are 4 bases each side for aircrafts to destroy. And destroying enermy bases has become an important and essential income of SLs and Research Points, especially for bombers and attackers.

After Update Sons of Attila, the speed for destroyed bases to rebuild had been increased.
However, after Update Kings of Battles, the speed has been severely decreased. The result is that the the amount of bombs that aircrafts carry are far more than that is able to destroy enermy bases. For example, almost every rank VII USA aircraft has the capability to destroy a base. And attackers like Su-7, Su-25, Tornado are not so capable of air combats.

Air Realistic Battles are not for fighters only. The purpose of bases in battles is to provide a way of playing for bombers and attackers. Having enough bases is necessary to create a comprehensive battle containing not only fighters, but also attackers, bombers and interceptors.

I suggest increase the amount of bases or decrease the time for a destroyed base to rebuild.


This change is even worst now with the addition of the F-111, if you find 2 of those in planes your team, they will take all the bases in early game, so slower attackers like the f-105 have no chance to score points, unless you play if as a fighter, good luck with that…


F111 got everyone involved.


Nit just more bases but the required TNT per base needs to go up as well. Most planes can carry enough tnt for multiple bases at high tier so each team always have double or more ordnance than needed for the 4 bases.

So give us more bases (+bigger maps) and increases the TNT needed per base and give a slight reward increases per base to compensate.

That’s correct.

Although i see your individual issue i am not sure if you got the purpose of Air RB correct as it was intended - a PvP battle with some PvE elements.

Bombers/Attackers were able to to fulfil a win condition by killing all ticket bearing ground units or enemy resources (=bases) or the source of the main threat in Air RB - the enemy airfield.

The result of the invention of respawning bases (and killing the win condition airfield kill) is that a hell of clueless pilots (some with bot scripts) are flooding Air RB matches in order to fulfil individual grinding goals without any relevant impact on the result/outcome of a match - it boils down that the team with less clueless pilots just looking for base bombing usually wins.

So for you and many others killing bases with 2-3% ticket impact for each base on a 7.600 tickets map is an important and essential source of SL/RP income.

I mean as long at you are not realizing that the main goal of gaijin is more likely to create the illusion for newer players that Air RB is an easy going mode without having the need to learn anything about aerial combat as they can progress in the TT or earn SLs with bombing more or less useless bases - gaijin has done everything right.

You might recognize that the sheer masses of untrained pilots playing PvE in a PvP dominated game mode are just deteriorating the quality of game play for pilots looking for challenging matches in which all plane classes can contribute to win a match.

And no, i am not a fighter main. I would say that i played 90% of my matches in bombers or strike aircraft - but i play them in prop tiers in planes able to play PvP and PvE and where my PvE actions can decide a match.

Bringing out slow and vulnerable strike aircraft/bomber in high jet BRs is imho just a wasted slot for your team - even if it helps you as an individual to gain some SL or RP income - every fighter can fulfil the same task, but has at least in theory (and depending on pilot skill) a much higher survival chance…


I approve of your idea.
Maybe you are tired of fighting with something like A-10 or Su-25. Indeed they make battles boring.

However, from my point of view, the best way to create an ideal air combat environment is increasing SL and RP of destroying enermy aircraft. Although SL have increased, RP gained per match has obviously decreased. That’s where the problem lies.

And we cannot ignore the truth that destroying enermy bases is the most stable way to gain SL and RP. Getting kills are relatively difficult. How to change this is a problem for developers.

Anyway, thank you for your reply and I’m glad to have a discussion with you.
(I’m not a native English speaker. Sorry for possible mistakes in my words)

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Although i liked you post due to several reasons - i disagree with an increase of SL / RP gains for destroying enemy aircraft. At least in the current state of Air RB.

Why? Because the steady flow of PvE players incapable to fight other aircraft (either due to lack of experience or just as they earn enough with base bombing and don’t see the need to learn ACM) leads to way too easy kills for experienced pilots.

I mean the base bombers fly mainly planes optimized for ground strikes and are facing more or less experienced pilots optimized to kill other aircraft. From a holistic pov pure fighters have therefore a technological advantage in fighting “base bombers” just based on their plane choice - why should they benefit just due to performance advantages?

So at a certain point or BR killing strike aircraft/bombers is more or less like shooting fish in a barrel.

I do agree that a lot of speed run resarching of tech trees with base bombing in addition to aircraft kills exist on you tube - but usually these guys able to reasearch whole air tech trees within a few hours are highly experienced pilots who are knowing what they are doing.

So the overwhelming majority of fresh players or tanker/naval mains active in
Air RB are using the mode as a tool to get somewhere instead of enjoying the game mode created around aerial combat.

If i as a Air RB main would decide to play Ground RB it would be the same for tankers - just the other way around.

The skill level to get some Spawn points in order to jump into a plane is actually very low - even a non-tanker can do this with low effort and training. But my experience advantage in aerial combat would be unfair vs pure Ground RB players which are there to enjoy playing tanks and use aircraft mainly for ground attacks / revenge bombing.

Only due to the fact as i see no satisfaction in clapping rookie pilots or bombing more or less helpless guys in tanks prevents me from playing Ground RB. But those tankers are flooding Air RB - so in order to have a challenge i have to fly weaker planes than the majority of my opponents as playing too strong planes make kills too easy.

With the devs you are right - they created this mess and killed purposeful bomber game play in Air RB with these respawning bases nonsense - together with these imbalances of SL / RP income between Ground RB and Air RB.

So it should be their duty to adjust the overall economy so that tankers are not forced to play Air RB and pilots can actually enjoy Air RB…

It happens in few maps, it should happen in every map with 4 bases and no AF to destroy.


Bases being available to bomb is important as some special/daily tasks require as many as 20 bases destroyed to complete. That can take forever if you are only able to destroy a base every other match.

In addition, ground units should be redistributed across the map in high tier ARB as well.




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Funny as it is, but if you look for that, it is arcade. Seriously.

On the other hand, if you do it right, you can “destroy” like 8 bases in one match. This is a knowledge issue about what counts as a base kill.

I agree
Before the update the bases respawned fairly quickly after destruction now you have to wait probably 7 min for new bases to respawn.
So either more bases should be
or faster respawns of bases



Also take note that 4 bases per team are meant to be main targets for 4 bombers each team would have maximum off in lower tiers, and also I see why would you want more bases I think more optimal approach would be to make high value targets spread all over the maps (bridges, roads, buildings, fob-s and such) at which smart weaponry could be utilized instead of braindead base bombing, I think that would make PvE gameplay a bit more exciting but Air RB needs to change first even if we would just want to talk about it.

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