We need more 11.3 premiums

Well now that we have 11.3 premiums on sale, and more to come 1 death leaving is rampant at top tier unless you have a 12.3/12.7 plane to throw in your lineup (GL if you didn’t grind air :^) )

We can write essays about how to fix it, but deep down we all know its pointless to try and I think we should just cut to the chase and beg Gaijin for MORE premiums so these paypigs can actually have a lineup at top tier.

Unionircally every Nations 11.3 premium selection should look like Russia’s 10.0.

I wasn’t paid by snail and this post isn’t satire.


Yeah no. A big issue with the game already is that 75% of any given patch’s content and vehicles added are straight up premiums or limited time events…


We got way more TT vehicles this patch.

Only because of the fact they committed to the idea of every nation getting something to fire amraams. A lot of it is copy and paste btw. Tornado F3 Late isnt a new vehicle for example. It’s a 400k rp upgrade to the F3 at 11.3

Fighting fire with napalm is definitely a strategy.


Most of the premiums are copy paste so its not like it takes much dev time either. For instance they could just make a slightly different HSTVL and throw it in america at 11.3.

Also it HAS to be premium vehicles. It can’t be squadron or event vehicles. These don’t solve 1 death leavers. Que times are so fast in this game that its better to not spawn in a sqaudron or even vehicle and just reque and respawn in your premium bonus vehicles in a new match. Theres also something to be said about 2nd+ spawns not being as good as first too.

Its just the acceptance stage.

I don’t care about dev time. I care about what content is actually being added. We as a whole have received a massive amount of copypaste and/or premium locked content and/or time locked content.


Dunno what to do about that.

You can look at steam revenue charts, Warthunder has been on the front page for YEARS. And thats just steam, most people don’t use steam to pay the snail for obvious reason, but its a very good indicator that they are making an absolute killing on this game if they are top 20 on steam for basically time immemorial so its not for a lack of resources we are seeing copy paste.

Ya 366 weeks in top revenue earners, #11 right now.

I agree.

It would be a change and fresh wind if gajin would add 11.3 anti air premiums.
US could get the amram humvee HML
UK A tracked Rapier in adtion to the standart one in tech tree they need.
Germany Like leo 2 a4 hsa only the options for fancy gepards or rolands with camo nets, personly i would not be against it. Gepard 1A2 with some more advanced stingers and camo nets, sign me up. anything else would be to advanced or to “classfied” to be added.
Italy I dont know again the oto milan what ever giga cannon.
France ccould get the crotale as tehc three and premium
as a start. It would round up the triangle of units there is in WT.

We got air premiums, we got tank premiums time for some support premiums(antiair)
You got a 3 unit or even 4 if count helicopters for high tir.

Rather than adding unique vehicles as premiums Gaijin should sell a copy paste pack for every tier consisting of a Medium tank, Light Tank, and SPAA.

OTOMATIC on Leo 1A2 chassis



Though in general adding AA as a premium is a rather questionable idea, at least stuff like OTO I can imagine because it can be used both against ground and air, but vehicles which can’t defend themselves against ground shouldn’t be premium imo or at least they should be accessible only if you already have another same BR ground vehicle.

So pay to win? No thanks.

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For every person with a 2:1 KDR, someone with 0.5:1 must exist.
Be grateful for those that don’t do well and still enjoy the game.
Stop blaming Gaijin for their lack of skill.
Stop blaming them for having a good time and you deciding to let their performance get to you.

Literally nothing to do with the post. OP is talking about 1 death leaving due to lack of lineups


This isn’t about player skill, its about having proper matches. 1 death leavers can be good or bad players. Either way, they cause the match to end in a spawncamp when player numbers dwindle.

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As long as the players believe that because they have spent money on a premium vehicle they are the king in the ring, not much will change. Changes in people’s minds are very difficult to achieve, because who starts by troubleshooting themselves …

Lmfao, no.

Well the USSR tree has a full 10.0 Premium lineup you can get. Su-25, 2S38, T-72, and t-80. Use to have the KA-50 before they changed the br. You could also throw in the BMP-2 its not a premium its a squad vehicle but you can buy it for GE.

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