We need more 11.3 premiums

Make premiums cheaper, give premium AAs.

Then sure. Otherwise, sod off.

Every wallet warrior deserves an education missions for his vehicle.

Oh wait, education missions already exist. It’s called DCS: world and costs 40-70$ for each vehicle.

I am already tired of putting up with the incredible stupidity (they are not educated) of the players. Every time gaijin introduce new mechanics, new weapons, and players start crying that they can’t fight against it, although it’s not difficult at all, but the snail is too poor to educate players

No master has dropt out of the sky.

With time will come expirance.

I mean… as I am seeing Tigers and BT5s running around in 11.7, I get the problem, but would it be good to suggest that someone must bring a ground vehicle of similar BR to a match at least, so you are not able to buy Ka50 and 1 cap just go on Ka50 and then quit, not contributing to the win in any way.

DCS ground is absolut absymal. I have it and it has nothing in comon with WT.
I regret to have bought it. Devs dropt it imidatly. No support nothing.
Also not even in DCS you get any kind of decent tutorials. You have to look up everthing on youtube.

Also keep in mind not every one did grow up with simulators or has any kind of intrest or deeper intrest for the miltary.

Full tutorial for AA missiles and how to defeat them. Only on YouTube and in DCS.

That’s what I’m talking about. The player bought the F-4S for $70. Best plane at 11.3.
He does not receive any training at all, but simply runs to the forum to cry that he is being killed by a missile, which for some reason does not go to the flares.

(Magic 2?)
I mean F4s is the only way I can get kills these days cause they don’t throw flares and are stupid, otherwise my PL5Bs just get flared and 0 kills.

Magic2 isn’t unflareable.

  • use Large calibre IR-flare (not 100%)
  • Turn off your afterburner (better do it before launch) and drop flare (100% success)