We need decompression

There are certain aircraft that are too strong for a BR, there are certain aircraft that are too weak for it. There are aircraft that have great armament but bad performance, and there are aircraft with great performance but bad armament. Then you got: Things like the J7E, J35XS and F14A should go at least 0.3BR higher since they both have great performance and great armament. The case of the J7E is demential. It has the best rear aspect missiles in the game, it is basically a MiG19 with the aerodynamics of a MiG21 Bis with the cracked low speed handling of the draken. The J35D is a copy paste F16A with slightly less power that turns into a beyblade once you start simming on it, besides the fact it shares the same durability as the Su25K. The F-4E is in a tough spot. It is slow, but it has amazing dogfight capabilities, very much able to out do a MiG21 SMT in 1v1 and with some mad skills, the Bis also. It’s AIM7E2 are great but not the best, and the AIM9J’s are borderline useless. AIM9D’s are way better, not to talk about the G’s. What I don’t understand is why everything at 11.0 has to have either naval aim9’s with great range while the MiG21 Bis and F-4e are stuck with short range 30g missiles.

Aircraft like the A10A and A6E should be removed from the game. They totally ruin the matches by removing the tickets in 5 minutes while scoring kills with negative effort. The a10 works accordingly to the propaganda and thus shall be removed. It’s hypermaneuverable, it has the best IR missile in the game, it has the best gun in the game and it also has the ability to control entire matches without any effort. By the time it arrives to the battlefield, everyone is busy trying to gunfight once they ran out of missiles.

The F8E is in the same weird spot as the MiG21 SMT but in the opposite. It’s a damn brick, it’s slow, it has bad guns but it has great energy retention and unless it’s a J7E or a Viggen pretty much nothing can beat it in a 1v1. The AIM9D’s are absolute overkill, making you very much able to kill people off spot range. MiG21 SMT is way too powerful for 10.3, but it has only four short range missiles that given the nerfs, don’t pull as much as before.

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I find a10s to be easy kills most of the time. Even more so after they turned the aim9L into a US r60m. I’d say the main issues with the BR balance in air is with the 8.0-9.7 area as when you get uptiered, everything accelerates faster, flys faster, and turns faster than you making things like the thunderstreak useless as its whole thing is to outspeed everything

Gaijin wanted to sell them as premiums, same with the su25s. The issues with them, same with a lot of other troublesome vehicles is the people playing them, not the vehicle itself. Not much can be done against low skill players though.

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Discussing team killing is against the rules

why? it’s a first degree issue in the game.

Yes, but at the current game mechanics all IR missiles can be flared extremely easily. So a J-7E making more than 2 kills sounds like purely skill issue.

And the AIM-9Cfully compensated its inability of dogfight

The aim9c? The gimmick of a radar missile? That like to randomly just miss its target while maintaining radar lock?

aim9c’s are good but unreliable, they’re harder pulling r3r. However the F8E can very well dogfight if you use it like a MiG19 without roll. It in fact out does mig21’s at high altitude thanks to it’s energy retention. AIM9C’s get deterred with a single chaff pop and the radar is doodoo. F-5E would be a lot nicer if it had aim9g’s or anything else that gives it the range it lacks.

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also no. The J7E is too strong for 11.0 flight performance wise. I out fought one on my stock F-4J and the player didn’t have a stock plane either. It’s just bruhium momentium. J7E players are very bad because China something. The fact that people wanted to put the F5E with two bad missiles and plinkers and barely mach 1.03 at sea level against MiG29’s while being basically a worse copycat of the MiG19 when it comes to flight performance and 1v1 behavior is insane. Especially since it has to support by lurking into slow targets while the j7e can actually carry solo with the mach 4 missiles to clean up the hard kills while you remain unseen to then start boom and zooming the hell out of the lesser aircraft.

Cause it can lead to witch hunts/flame wars