We need a proper matchmaking system

Look at the bottom portion of our team. Those players contributed absolutely nothing to the team. The only thing they did was feeding enemy team spawn points.

Most games recently look like this. 3 or 4 guys doing something and rest of the team being a dead weight.

We need a proper matchmaking system to make the matches more balanced. How hard can it be to implement?


Well do you have any ideas you would like to propose for them to improve it? Preferably one that hasn’t been talked to death already.


Shouldn’t that be Gaijin’s job? I mean they surely have some game designers, right? Same as they obviously have map designers.

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You misunderstand, how do you want them to change it so that what you are describing doesnt happen, how is the matchmaking related to some people doing well in a match, and others not?


This is a player issue, not a matchmaking issue. Happens in just about every multiplayer shooter in existence. Keep in mind that Warthunder is not a competitive title and is almost exclusively a casual game. The matchmaker is designed for low queue times, not player skill balancing. What you might be thinking is the implementation of SBMM, which is a horrible idea at any level.


Yes and 3/4ths of the players regularly getting stomped on by one or two trihards (or cheaters) makes for such a fun casual game…

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because this is what their “balancer” running in the background of MM looks like. You can read about EOMM and why most developers like such mechanisms, especially since it is a grind game.

Unfortunately, most of you misunderstand it.

MM’s task is to create 2 teams. Let’s say the total skill level per side needs to reach 900 with 16 players. If 2 above-average players enter the queue and the rest are cannon fodder without any significance, MM will always place these 2 good players on opposite sides, mid- and low-level people will always rotate between teams. This is how it has been working on AB for years, on RB you don’t notice this mechanism to such an extent because it also matters what nations you use in the game. But behind the scenes it works.

In short, the way it works is that the better you play as an individual, the dumber the team you will get. The stupider part will never notice the difference because they have no particular influence on the outcome of the battle, when the better player fails they are incapable of creating results.

In fact, the problem of this type of mechanisms only affects a small part of the player base that is capable of creating results. If you are a random player who comes in for 2 hours after work once a week to play a few games, you won’t notice anything at all, if you generate KD at the level of 3:1 most of the time and play a few hours almost every day only in a specific BR, you start to learn after a while " similar to you" and you will quickly notice that you always meet them on the opposite team. And the only option to play with someone good is a squad, but the MM will quickly find another squad to equalize the level.

No normal person will officially admit to you that grinding limits your progress using such mechanisms and at the same time sells premium accounts and other premium elements that are supposed to speed up your progress :D They’re not that stupid

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Did you happen to play Call of Duty MW1, 2, or 3 (the originals) when they released? Before developers decided SBMM was a thing? The games were fun because not every game was a tryhard game, and if you got stomped once in a while, then it is what it is. Look at the new installments with SBMM, they are horrible sweatfests and it is impossible to have fun without also turning into a sweat. Not every game is as you describe, nor does it change the fact that tryhards will always be present regardless of matchmaker type.

Complaining without offering solutions i always so easy


I just rage quited … 6.3 brits … 60%+ loss. And I’m far from beeing bad in this game. The teams are just dying within the first 3min.

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Would be fantastic if 50% of team was at least cannon fodder instead of just vanishing after round start. I blame the shitass crew lock system, these guys probably don’t even have more than 2 vehicles available so their only option is leaving or using backups (no one uses backups)

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You sound like a parody. Matching players with others of their own skill level is the basis of every fair and balanced PvP game/sport on the planet.

Playing with people at your own level is not a “sweatfest” and does not require “tryharding”, it’s simply a fair matchup. The basis of every arguement against this is wanting to stomp noobs. Every. Single. Time.

There are two caveats here: First, most players making complaints such as yours make their own problems. The matchmaker places you according to your performance, so what happens when people “tryhard” and try to gain every artificial advantage possible?

That’s right, they raise their performance, and thus their matchmaking bracket… but without improving their natural skill level. So they end up above where they should be and struggle… and then get caught in a loop of “tryharding” even more, until they can barely treat water.

Skill/performance-based matchmaking is like a Chinese finger trap; the more you struggle against it and try to game the system, the worse your experience will be.

The other caveat is the one and only valid arguement against a proper matchmaker: Can the game’s population size handle it?

In WT’s case, it’s hard to say, given we’re split across eight main modes and then several dozen BR ranges on top of this.

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To be fair it will be used, and players on the forums have already stated they will use, as a way to stat shame and disregard opinions.

So if you want your opinions to have weight, you will have to tryhard.

What about number of seperate skill stats? I wonder how many seperate stats would be needed. I would hate to try out air sim and get put only against really good sim mains simply because i am good at air rb or even just tanks.

I would also like to know of any games that have a good sbmm. I played a couple and didnt like how a couple good games threw me up to pros but it took a dozen games for me to go back down.

You’re assuming it would be some sort of public, visible ranking, which it absolutely wouldn’t.

But even if it were, a handful of Gamers™ stat-shaming on the internet is wholly irrelevant, in any context.

That’s an interesting question, and I’m sure people much better with these technical nuances than any of us will figure out this sort of implementation detail stuff.

As have I, and those games have always worked out fine for me.

I’m pretty much the antithesis of a “tryhard” (which is an attitude, not a skill level) which is exactly why I can speak from experience on that whole “creating your own problems” aspect that so many people aren’t conscious of.

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Warthunder is a fair and balanced PVP game? Do explain that one for the crowd. Everything you said after this means basically nothing because Warthunder isn’t fair and balanced at any level.

No, SBMM is an attempt to make everything competitive. Do good for a game, suffer for 10. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stellar player or a shitter, you WILL get dunked on by better players after a single good game. I’ve played COD since COD4 and I always kept a 1.5+ k/d, but in the games I’ve played since MW:2019 I struggle to keep an even k/d. Thats because once you do good the game throws you into lobbies of meta kit tryhards where there is no such thing as fun. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but all this talk of “natural skill level” is exactly the problem. I was pretty great at Call of Duty before I stopped, and I didn’t use meta guns and still did plenty well. I didn’t play it to be better than everyone else, I played for fun and was good at it too. Being good made the game experience worse because I got lumped into tryhard lobbies almost nonstop. You can be good at a game and still play it casually.

I couldn’t give less of a shit whether I “stomp noobs”, I care about having fun. If I wanted to “stomp noobs” I wouldn’t be spading the US tree and suffering through everything, I’d sit at 3.7 to 6.7 and flex the most solid vehicles in those lineups for each country to thrash people that are new.

How about do the intelligent thing and make a ranked mode if the random matchmaker is so bad? Let the competitive people be competitive and the casual people be casual instead of lumping everyone into this competitive skill based mindset?

How do you expect the snail to cure uselessness?

They are to blame for many things but not for a guy dying three times without doing anything in the game.

I’m sorry bro , do you have any more of those pixels ?


What you say makes no sense in a game like this where the reward matters.

If you get better and better and play against better people the game is penalizing your progress.

If you are good you will get the bonuses of 3 and 5 kills, capture points, assists… losing will be a shame but not something dramatic.

Person A: “draw me a picture of an aninal”
Perspn B: draws a horse
Pwrson A: “why did you draw a horse? You were supposed to draw a cat”

Give broad demands and get broad solutions

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