We hope to open refund channels for Chinese players

If GAIJIN’s employees or even all of them are biased and discriminatory against China, or even turn a blind eye to the normal and reasonable compliance demands of Chinese players, they will discriminate against Chinese players in the game and weaken their new vehicles. It is better to delete the Chinese system and return the R&D points and Golden Eagle, and open the refund channel for directly purchased vehicles, because Chinese players do not accept and cannot accept this discriminatory weakening. Of course, you can ignore it, you can delete my comments or even ban my account, but the end result of your disregard and abuse of power will be borne by the future of the game we love and the GAIJIN company.


Every time Chinese tanks are updated, they always carry private goods. The huge bolt of the 99A gun is a good example, but this time it’s even more outrageous. The VT4a1 turret armor was released before it was completed

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No one is biased towards any nation.
We will not delete any Tech Tree from the game.
If you think that any vehicle is wrongly re-created in game, please take a minute and submit (or add data to already created) bug report here: Gaijin.net // Issues

Thank you!