Warthunder new Vehicle Picture system is bad

Screenshot 2024-02-13 143629
what even is this? how is it better then something like this


honestly what was gaijin thinking doing this,like can they not make something bad just for once in their life?,it’s almost 1 step forward and 2 step backwards like EVEN IN THIS. How do you mess this Up bro this is literaly the laziest thing gaijin did ever,i mean just look at the Object 775 shadows…they are literally a black square under it and that’s it nothing else. Revert the change Now


I liked how the statcard filter adjusted with the time period as the photography technology improved. Small details like this go a long way.

The statcards we have now are just castrated and downright unpleasant to look at. This ain’t Gran Turismo, Gaijin!

Revert the changes, thanks.


I liked

Actually, I like them. A lot of especially the old(ified) pictures were quite bad, I find, and the new “modern” statcard images are quite ok for me.

What I certainly don’t see is how everybody makes such a big hassle about this. It’s just a cosmetic detail within the whole game.

Finally it’s just a matter of taste.


I just think it takes a bit of nostalgia about these vehicles away in exchange for some computer generated graphics.

Sad, but I guess you have to somehow appease generation TikTok…

I dunno. Just applying a filter more or less strongly over some ingame screenshot doesn’t offer a lot of nostalgia for me. Actual real world photograph from the ra would be my preferred way then…

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That would be of course better, if possible, but even edited ingame screenshots were nicer than the current models which just have… no soul

Also a lot of the plane models in the stat cards just seem too much “in your face”, I can’t really describe it, maybe a combination of the FOV and the close zoom on some of them.

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older ones were way better,it’s not about nastoligia they were just better looking. new ones are bad and terrible and badly man

Non issue.

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Agreed, although it’d be nice to have some the errors present in the stat cards fixed.
The F-16s especially, they just look weird.

Making an individual historical photo for each tank is nice, but for a player trying to play the game having an ingame render of your vehicle is better.

It would still be cool for an ingame “history” spot that offers historical photos rather than taking you out of game to the wiki.

My issue with them being changed is that the old images had character and identity. They were a way of subtly telling from what era the vehicle is from and they each had character to them. The new ones? They just look like a mobile game and have no form of character whatsoever.

I don’t hate the new vehicle card images, but I do find them disappointing.


Nah the new vehicle card update looks great.

yeah, the old infocard have 3 eras: black and white pictures, colored film pictures and digital pictures, which show the era of these vehicles, the beauty of mechanics of these war machines. I think these images are make manually with heart, and show the relastic of War Thunder.

Some example vehicles from 3 different eras. Could you recognize them?


But in the new images, it’s really easy to seen thay these images are rendered automaticially, they looks same, and even have some problems on canopy and barrier of SF40.

Same vehicles but in the new system.


So, just save these old images, at least gave we a choice to switch them okay?
For these old image lovers, these’s a collection of old style like images of relastic vehicles.


Please do remember the pics do take of unnecessary space and a static picture is better for a big game like war thunder dont get me wrong i miss the old pics but at least their trying to save space for people

Oh sure, the 1GB or so for all these low-res pictures will surely make a difference in a 52 GB game…

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Stat cards are bad in general conveying useless or wrong information, nothing on that card is actually useful, another neglected part that could do with improvements.

Old images: 156MB, for 312x200 px per image
New images: 256MB, for 512x256 px per image, and these flags behind is a seperated image
Edit: these is in PNG format. For in-game AVIF format, the old image is only 43MB!

much less than 1GB :)
the size i caculated is in PNG format, and in-game ones is AVIF format which is much smaller than PNG

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