Warning systems for aircraft in RB Ground

I am kindy sick of nonsence around modern planes and heli. Why we have warning system if they are not doing single thing they are supposed to do? I am sick of ppl constantly crying about planes being to OP but have you ever try it with normal plane? Yes, some SU and some other planes are ridiculusly OP if you cant even catch them with radar, but what others? I take sweden A32A or MI-28A and I am constantly dying from invisible rockets and what is warning system doing? Hey, there is some radar in game… thats all… most of time not even warning against lock and never calling incoming shot. NEVER. I tried it in only air rb… guess what? it is working. Is this some kind of try for balanc? Balanc against what? I cant even see enemy SPAA and got one shoted in 10 seconds after taking of with heli. I got one shoted from 10km with plane with no warning or visible incoming rocket. Dont talk to me about some balance. It is bullshit. If you dont want planes and heli in ground rb, disable it or make another mode. If you want it realistic make it realistic, make warning systems working again, make SPAA able to ping planes and heli so tank crews know about them. Make it interesting and not only frustrating for one side.

And thats another… how is possible that I cant see enemy plane in LVKV 9040C with 15km range when the plane is high in sky? How can we battle in modern vehicles if the basics of modern warfare is not working?

  • Not sure about dying to invisible rockets, some SAMs (notably Pantsir) the missile is very difficult to spot after the main rocket booster expires. Some of SAMs and SPAA also have IRST, Infrared Search and Track which won’t trigger an RWR warning if you’re being tracked.

  • You might not see Jets that are very high with certain radars, as they all have different vertical search limits.

Thing is I never get warning of incoming missile… thats the thing. If it was sometimes… okay. but it is never… I went to air rb and if there was incoming missile warning system went nuts… in ground it is nonstop silent

The Planes you mentioned doesnt have an Missile Approach Warner (Mi28, A32A), other Helicopters have it and you will get proper Warnings in GRB.

In the next Major some advanced Planes will also get MAW and better RWR.

Im sorry, it is just frustrating and it feel so stupid. If it doesnt have warning system, okay, my bad. But why it is warning against missiles in air battles is something I dont understood

No need for sorry bro ;)
This is due differences in the Game Modes but i dont know why exactly.
Mb without the little red diamond in ARB missiles would be to OP and hard to spot because there are so many of them

Most SPAA have ways to lock you using IR signature. Even then, most SAM are SACLOS and can be guided in without needing a lock. This gives no lock warning and no missile approach warning (currently only some helicopters have MAW). There are some SPAA that are completely invisible to RWR, as they use IRST for search and tracking. These being only the Ozelot and Stormer HVM I believe.

Missile markers (the red diamonds) are only visible in air RB, that’s simpy due to the difference in game mode. In ground you can only spot missiles by their physical model and their smoke trail (as long as the motor is burning). Additionally, you will far more often experience radar locks on your RWR in air RB because most of the time planes do no have an IRST system and can only lock using their radar. Addtiontally SARH missiles can only be guided using a radar lock, opposed to SACLOS SAMs.

This is simply because radars scan only certain sectors. I do not know the exact scan pattern of the 9040C, but it’s probably not very high. ADATS for instance only scans up to 20° in elevation. So if a plane is very high (or close enough and high), your radar does not see them.

I need to add that next update the RWR system will be overhauled. For some planes this will be a major buff as it allows you to pick up missile launches (even when IRST is being used as tracking lock), but for some planes it will be a major nerf (not being able to pick out tracking or even search signals at all). It depends on what RWR system the planes use.

After the update you can look at the RWR system on your plane using the X-ray mode and see what it can do and what it can’t do, important is to look at the bands that your RWR is capable of detecting and what common radars you might face use. I could check for you what will happen to the RWR on the A32A for you if you want, but you could also wait until the update drops (things may still be subject to change).

Thank you for your comprehensive answer. It is true that Iam still new in modern warfare. I know there are some differnces but as visible, still know nothing. I will wait for patch to drop and see, what will change for me. Ill go check it myself now so I know what am I dealing with. I was also little searching and those red diamonds in ARB are depending on pilot skill so I see no reason for them not to be in GRB as well, it could be some what nerfed but I am trying to be really attentive to my surroundings and Iam still dying randomly no matter if Iam in for example in dog fight (which is easy to miss it then) or if I fly for 10 seconds from spawn and got hit anyway.

Thanks anyway guys