Warbond shop designed to waste warbonds

Trying to claim the level 11 rewards from the battlepass, which is 500 warbonds, but I’m already close to my limit for warbonds so I would waste 400 warbonds.


So I head to the warbond shop in order to spend it on some garbage so at the very least I benefit from the full 500 WB.

But then of course, the warbond shop is now designed to push the battlepass and anyone who doesn’t care for the battlepass is also excluded from the warbond shop, and level 2 shop is now locked behind claiming the level 11 reward for the battlepass, the same reward that gives me 500 warbonds.


So this lovely situation is created where I need to claim the warbonds and waste almost all of them, in order to unlock shop level 2 in order to have something to spend them on, which I won’t have to do as I have to waste them first.


The game is nefarious and punishing enough without this malicious design, so tired of this nonsense at every corner.


They should increase the max limit you can hold. Even by a little bit (say 4,000) and this issue would mostly go away.


They don’t want you to get more than one thing though, I’m sure they’ve meticulously ran the numbers to figure out what amount to set so you can really only get one or two things from the shop.

It’s just stupid how high those requirements are now to get anything from warbonds.

I remember back in the day where if you grinded hard enough you got a free T3 premium every month!

but the snail doesn’t like giving out even mediocre free stuff so now the warbond shop is only used every 3 months and you have to grind to level 80 to get something half decent.

even in the earlier battle passes it was like lvl 60 which was achievable to most through active play.

the game is now in cash cow mode and they want to milk you for money rather than try to make it better or more fun.

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Battlepasses are just annoying, forcing you to constantly play, constantly focus on the daily tasks and the challenges really forcing you in a specific playstyle, specific vehicles at specific times, unless you play the game a lot it’s just all you get to do.

Don’t play for a while and you miss out a bunch of challenges and the higher BP levels are out of reach and you cannot get the higher rewards this cycle and have to wait months and months for another ‘‘chance’’.
Which again requires you to just constantly play the game throughout the months.

And even then you can get like 1 thing from the BP and won’t have enough for anything else because of things like this where you’re forced to waste it to ensure you cannot use it in any way to get more from the shop.

Which of course means you have to waste money on the BP to buy the levels, but the rewards are not worth it either to get a pair of bushes or a lower level premium that isn’t worth the investment at all.

The only thing that force you to constantly play is your desire, not the battlepasses.

If you want it, you should pay for it, no matter what the cost is.Moreover, even if you don’t buy a pass and just play it for free, you can still get a free premium by completing daily tasks.

I usually only use warbonds to buy some backups, never been obsessed with whether to buy premium with warbonds, so I don’t have to worry about those special tasks either, that makes me to play freely.

Welcome to the world of “F2P” and the antiplayer design toolbox. You want to play without paying, they want to increase investors profit, and the way is to mess with your psychology. You don’t need the warbond shop. But it is huh kind of convenient so you will take certain abuse until you wonder why you bother at all. Then once (and if) they notice the warbond system isn’t giving them enough money, they will add something else to the maze run so the rats keep handing them those precious monies, not to enjoy the product, but to avoid inconveniences designed into it. Like premium currency packages too big or too small (buy 2,500 eagles but you can only spend 2,400… now those 100 remaining eagles won’t buy you anything but you feel you can’t “waste” them so you buy more eagles to buy something else and are left with a different amount of unused eagles and you don’t want to waste them so you…)

I use warbonds mostly to buy backups and the occasional big-trophy camouflage each two or three warbond shops. And yes, dailies are often a PITA but oh, we be rats running the maze and we enjoy ourselves, don’t we?


(ノ´▽`)ノ Long live the backup !!!

It really isnt difficult to do the battlepass, and when you do it and get the market upgrade coupons you can get the next one for free and so on. from each warbond shop you can get some rank3 premiums but also you can get a rank5 talisman for both air and ground. so you grind an event, sell the reward for gaijin coin, buy some ge with the gaijin coin, buy the battlepass with the ge, then you have unrestricted access to free premiums,bushes and talismans. Completely f2p though this unfortunately isnt available to console players

Yes and no. If you dedicate some time, it is possible to do SOME TASKS. BUT it requires a LOT of dedication/time to do properly.
It was easier in the beginning and I personally think they made it too hard for casual players now.
I managed to get a vehicle on first battlepass…now i get almost nothing…so i stopped even trying…
I understand that “reward/work” ratios have to be managed…just think it could be easier to get some rewards…

There is no obligation to even do the tasks etc. It’s only a few warbonds anyway.
Personally I think the warbonds and battletasks are terrible anyway, it’s half the reason why teams are so utterly useless and contribute to losses - here’s the reasoning:

Let’s say your in a fighter aircraft, your climbing, you look around and you see your team is mainly high alt fighters- looks like a win.
A couple of minutes later you look again and see them all at ground level in their high alt fighters.
What are they doing? All chasing an insignificant attacker and going head-on with it.

Why? They have a task to kill attackers in a headon, - they threw the match to kill a damn attacker for a task.

What are they gonna do next match? They are going to be dogfighting in a bomber whilst blindfolded singing religious hymns because that’s what the task is … The whole thing is an incentive to play like an utter turd.


The only way to not to lose war bonds when progressing in the BP is buying special tasks permissions for 30 WP. I will be able to buy 3 shop lvl VI vehicles for 10000 WB at the end of the BP using that system.
WT BP CALC.rar (19.8 KB)
You can check this excel sheet for better planify your BP progression.

The BP forces me to play if I ever want to get anything out of them or out of the warbond shop now, if I ever want a talisman or a premium vehicle, you have to grind the battlepass, which means constantly playing.

I don’t constantly play, and when I do have time I play what I like to play and not what the BP pushes me to play, and then you just miss out on all the challenges and won’t progress the BP.

And not staying on top of the BP leads to missing out on even more challenges because of things like this


Vehicles I do not have because I need to be at level 50 BP for that.

And by missing out on even more challenges it doesn’t open up the level gated ones like


Which is yet another challenge you have to miss out on.

And obviously the reward for completing all challenges is long out of reach of course, so another 45 points not available.

I don’t agree with that, the BP really isn’t that simple to just do and requires a lot of time and a very specific playstyle to complete challenges, especially having to get to what, 125 for the upgrade coupons.

Forget the battlepass, you play the game, not the game play you, just enjoy the game (ˊ˘ˋ*)♡

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Hahah well I mean I do forget the BP, but then I also give up on the Warbond shop and whatnot, and it’s just annoying how the game constantly wants you to play their way or you miss out on things, on top of already being in an endless RP grind, then having to play something else for the SL grind.

I don’t play the BP simply for the fact they constantly push naval which is an horrible mode nowadays, but at the very least I was able to get something from the warbond shop back in the day, now there’s no reason to do BP/WB or dailies as it’s all the same thing.

And despite putting all their eggs in a single basket, it’s a shitty basket with shitty rewards that just get more demanding and less rewarding with worse and fewer rewards, already back to yet another Centurion as main prize.

This is simply poor planning. Quick math says you carried over 3090 WB from last season. Why not spend them on previous shop?

Yes. 100% this.

I get 2 (big) things quite often. Just requires planning.

Now with way less effort, and a few bucks, you can get 3 unique vehicles and 2 WB shop vehicles in 3 months. Nearly double the prizes.

Yep. If a player grinds hard they can get 5 vehicles in 3 months with no financial outlay.

BP is very simple to do, but yes getting every prize is harder… Why is that a problem? Shouldn’t players who play for a few hours everyday get more than players who only play every few days?


This is simply poor planning. Quick math says you carried over 3090 WB from last season. Why not spend them on previous shop?

Because I don’t predict this type of nefarious game design? Nor do I play my warbonds 6 months in advance or had something to spend it on last time as I didn’t do that BP either.

I get 2 (big) things quite often. Just requires planning.

I’m sure you do.

BP is very simple to do, but yes getting every prize is harder… Why is that a problem? Shouldn’t players who play for a few hours everyday get more than players who only play every few days?

Should they? Should they get exclusive vehicles, decorations, warbonds, silver lions, boosters, decals, avatars, free battlepasses on top of the warbond shops premium vehicles, camos, bushes, talismans, backups and whatnot because you have more time to play?

I have never nor will ever buy a battletask on warthunder.
Despite this, I always get the free vehicle.
I complete MANY of the tasks - but guess what???
I NEVER even look at them, ever. I just click “get reward” when I see it after the match.
It is so easy, I always get to level 53.
Yet people let these tasks dictate their gameplay.
The who premise of it and how and players try to achieve rank is lousy.

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Daily tasks, sure, but you won’t complete the challenges without actively doing them for the most part.