War thunder Sim Flight Model vs IL2 BOS or 1946


I am currently trying to get into SIM from Air RB. Flying with a joystick in War Thunder is one of the most frustrating things I have ever done.

Having also played il2 BOS and 1946. The difference is a night and day difference, due to the fact that I am able to control the airplane precisely, without fighting my aircraft constantly.

Let’s take the Yak 1b for example, the one represented in IL2 flies like a dream and is so smooth and stable to fly. You can pull precise maneuvers and keep the target in your sights. The one is WT is so unstable due to the torque, in every maneuver, you are fighting against the aircraft all the time and there is not a sense of air resistance stabilizing the aircraft during level flight and maneuvers.

War Thunder needs to address this issue, as well as bomber cockpits. The lack of changes to sim really persuades me that WT is only focusing on Realistic/Arcade battles.


As far as I can tell the IL2 BOS has auto trim in default settings. In WT, once planes are trimmed, they also flies very nicely.

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In the YAK, there is no aileron, or yaw trim. Only elevator trim. IL2 BOS

Some planes like the FW190s can be trimmed in test flight mode and keep the setting in battle.

I’m not sure if the yak has something similar.
But the yak 1 is such a small, light plane. I would consider it correct that you feel the torque in it.

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WT flies better than IL2.
Problem are WT’s devs who are less than truthful when it comes to historic performances…

I recommend you to think it as a different game than IL2, DCS etc. That could help you to enjoy it and it’s quite a very enjoyable game imho. I’m not implying that you shouldn’t request more realistic features, etc. but the way WT has been developed over the years has shown me that they have other priorities.

Imho, WT has some problems with trim. First, I don’t recommend it during a dogfight as it has some weird responses during the edge of the performance of almost all aircraft. Second, 1% movement of trim in any surface has quite a big impact, so it’s almost impossible to have a good setting without you moving your controls to keep it doing whatever you want. (straight and level, turns, etc).

Comparing sims and expecting them to flight the same will give you some problems enjoying them as every game will implement one or more components well but will fail in others. Some will have a very good FM but will fail in graphics and/or player base or some will limit the engine by time while others by temps, over revving and oil fluid logic, etc. Even 2 real aircrafts of the same model (172Ms for example) will vary in performance (engine weariness, skin having some imperfections, the avionics are different so it’s the weight, etc.) or at least for GA xD, I suppose that its more consistent in commercial, but I don’t have that exp so far.

WT changes a lot, some are good changes and some not always in the right direction, like the 190 becoming harder to stall but also harder to make a tight turn etc, and those changes will never be corrected or change again in a long time. And we like it or not, the player base is bigger for RB/AB so they’ll have more importance than SB as its more probable to earn more money from them than SB player base.

Im not saying that you shouldn’t demand and expect for the game to improve, but sadly, let’s be realistic xD.



IL-2 BOS? Do you mean Birds of Prey?

Battle of Stalingrad
First part of Il-2 Great battles.

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Ah, I see

So, after hours of experimenting. I have concluded that if I add curves to my physical VKB joysticks + curves in my virtual joystick via joystick gremlin. The flying experiences will definitely be better, due to the fact that I can trim both Roll and Pitch mid-flight and increase the sense of sampling due to the curves from both the VKB software and the joystick gremlin software.

Fun fact, if you have a VKB joystick, you can program one of your hats as a trimmer, and you can trim aircraft that do not have a trim setting in WT .

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Make sure to set all control surface sensitivities to 100% and put in 1.5 non linearity on your elevator axis, this will remove the need for curves. I play IL-2, IL-2 1946 and DCS, the FM’s in War Thunder are less realistic and have some bugs but they are easy to fly precisely for the most part.

cause youre using curves lol

Those options are very dependant on the player and their controls, they should find themselfs which settings are the best trying multiple configurations. For me 1.5 is alot, anything above 1.3 is a mess cause im using pedals and a joystick with extension.


hello, things like non-linearity, deadzone etc. are perfectly adapted to the different airplanes in IL-2. not in War Thunder. there are airplanes here that wobble so much that a separate control profile is necessary. e.g. for the Spitfire or the P-51D.
the reason is that War Thunder is focused on AB & RB. the developers have not seen fit to adapt the Sim control profiles of the different aircraft types.