War Thunder "Kings of Battle" - Changelog

You’re right! It’s obvious when reading some of the comments below the blog also…probably wasn’t ready-made for Israel in time…or something!

Ps: rød julebrus er overlegent best! Nuff said!


More bases to grind your own bombers,… and you can still use your gunners.

There is no more this rule with new forum,… next time you change forum, make it correctly ^^"

Hope for the Battlehawk then But they need to correct the current MH-60L DAP first as it’s missing armaments lol. No gunpods to be seen!

Ps, ja enig lol!

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From my pov the majority of those PvE players active in Air RB are simply focused on rather easy SL/RP income with base bombing - and not because they are interested in aerial combat.

Score is even worse than focus on kills - we have already the fact that in Air RB scores are inflated. A Wyvern (in Air RB) bombIng a respawning base and performing point and click on 15+ pillboxes in a row, killing a few ai planes and trading in a headon gets easy 2.000 to 3.000 points - u need a hell of aircraft kills which require usually way more skill to compensate that score.

A skill reward in the current form is just enforcing kill steals.

Even admitting that PvP is mostly the decisive factor the game needs something like a MVP reward which is connected to mission goals - so for the fellow Ground RB players capturing and defending their “A-C” points and for Air RB players a mix of kills / assists / fulfilled objectives like covering ground units, defending own aircraft, playing bait for others…

didn’t they remove respawning bases?

problem is that with this new mechanic i will earn (on average) more RP by not bombing bases to make the team win but by killing as many players as possible.
also top tier strike aircraft will suffer a lot because of this, they are not built for air to air combat and don’t have gunners


Challenging for one team, not for the other one. i would rather they make changes to it to improve it rather than just remove it completely, but either is fine. It is hilarious that just because you like a map that gets removed, you throw a load of insults and streotypes because you cant actually justify the maps flaws and imbalances. The changes to european province have actually been quite positive recently, and they have made it less flat, adding cover to allow people to move from point to point. i dont want flat fields, or 3 lane maps where people just smash into each other. But port novo had several problems, one of them was that one side has a massive advantage over the other, and when played with roughly equal teams, the winrate was more one sided than a fight between Mike tyson and a baby. the other problem was that there were no viable flanking routes, one side cut off by the water, and the other is a thin strip of forest, that it is basically impossible to traverse without being spotted and killed. there are serveral spots from one spawn where you can kill people crossing from the other spawn to the front line, and for anyone to push past the B cap you have to basically hope there is noone paying attention on the other side, or hope that they all pushed and died themselves. It wasnt unique at all, there are plenty of maps with streetfighting and such. its hardly a surprise most of the older maps are being reworked or removed when this is how they wered designed and how they played. I actually quite enjoyed actually playing the map, because i knew where to go and what to do to do well on it, but it was not balanced, and was certainly not fun for the team who got the bad side who had all the odds stacked against them before anyone had spawned in. Its especially funny that you went straight to winrates to try to discredit people, and when you saw my above average one you didnt take that as a sign that maybe it isnt just bad players that could see the flaws in the map, a little bit of self reflection is too hard for you.

seems like it judging by many in this post. but i haven’t played bomber/striker in this update yet so have no personal experience.

Skill bonuses are bad, we needed more RP, but you should just give the same total amount extra as this will add up to, but distribute it to EVERYONE based on time played, instead.

This will just massively encourage seal clubbing, as well as making people ignore cap points (since you also for some reason made it only based on kills, not on score…?)


It’s one of my most disliked maps, and seeing as we can only ban one map (I banned Berlin) I am happy that I will not play it anymore. It sucks that it was removed for people like you that like the map, and I would have preferred that we get more map bans, or let me queue up only for the maps I like/ones that fit my lineup (you wouldn’t send paper lights to fight in urban combat).

I really dislike changes like this, they don’t solve the problem, only push it to one side and further split the community

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And that is great news :)))

Well bombing bases is about inferior to 5% all won game in ARB,…


how so?
to me it’s going to make air less dynamic and more chaotic.

what do you mean?

Winning game because of bombers → around 5% times.

Winning game by strafing → 35%

Winning by killing all ennemy aircrafts 60%

those numbers sound about right for air RB.
but not air AB.

also, lets say you have a game where you do a lot of damage to planes but don’t kill them so you get assists. you bomb bases and destroy AI-ground. so you might be 1’st in your team by a wide margin and have done the most for your team in terms of taking tickets from the other team. but still don’t get any RP boost att all?
That does not seam fair to me at all.

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Because bombers contribute nothing to their teams, being free kill to the enemy. Every team with higher bomber count is automatically less likely to win. There is also nothing dynamic about pressing spacebar and running away to your airfield.

Now this is a good change! Very nice to see these large versions of the map in RB finally.

Now, if i understand this correctly, this a bad change. This map was also good for BRs lower than 9.7. I suggest making these gamemodes available on BRs from 5.3 and up

  • [Conquest #1, #2, #3] Fields of Normandy.

This map was just reworked, why was it removed again?