War Thunder "Kings of Battle" - Changelog

they are literally designed that way so get over it.

what should I get over ? Lol

I play just prop BRs and do not focus on base bombing (despite flying almost exclusively the BP B7A2 and the SM 92) but i saw bases respawning, but i did not checked the respawn time…

So no major Economy and research changes as they promised
At this point I’m starting to believe the Economy and research changes will never happen

in air RB yes, in air AB and SB no.
you have to look at all the game modes, not only the one that you happen to play.

looks like a longer timer. not completely removed. but i’m not sure yet.

Stormer unfortunately is still broken - Starstreak just flies through any target without any collission.

@Smin1080p Any updates regarding the missing gunpods for the blackhawk? It was advertised as having them in both the dev blog AND the update video

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does all these new armour piercing bombs being added now mean fritz x bomb now acts like what it should do as a armour piecing bomb? shame Britain didn’t really receive anything new aviation wise, would’ve been nice too see either hurricane mk2c or the bomber version of the mossie

So are AP bombs supposed to be worthless? I thought the update was supposed to make them y’know, penetrate armor?

Yeah, they specifically said that economy changes were coming this update, and none have appeared

So uhh, so far the RP bonuses for frags are actually pretty great, they could obviously expand them to other in game actions but for now, this is pretty awesome.
I really thought it was gonna be meh but the change is massive, I for example went from averaging 5k rp in ground to 8-15k.
So uh, NICE, the devs deserve sum love for that

That’s wrong but you can’t expect every bomber players to be expert in the bombing.

Hello. The matter with the cannons damage is being looked into by the developers. When we will have the answer, we might announce it separetely - we’ll see. Thank you.

Is change of shell room destroy from just explosion to instant death in naval intentional? Currently it is too easy to kill ships with Scharnhorst because you just need to shot shell room and make it dark.

Before this update even though shell room explode, ship still able to survive if those explosion did not link to magazine explosion. Now there are no second chance. I don’t think this is good change as ships’ shell room is super easy to explode.

Can you guys please give an update concerning the MH-60L gunpods that were advertised in the devblog? Big reason why many of us were interested in that vehicle was all the guns and rockets/missiles it can carry.

It would’ve been better for the rp bonuses if it was based on activites/score. Destroying certain amount of ground targets, bases, assist kills (air battles) should also count even if its a small multiplier. So that there is incentives to focus on the objectives. Its a good start of change don’t get me wrong on that. But rewarding objective play and team play is more better than just getting kills.

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While the RP bonus system is a nice welcome bonus I would like to also say.

What about caps and assists, they are important and maybe you are a scout god or a sneaky capper and win for your team.

2 solutions.

  1. Increase the “actions needed” a bit and make caps count as kills 1x and assists maybe half so 0,5x

  2. Score based system

I see why kills is now beeing used but since you give the bonus to the base RP gain and not on TOP of the total gain i wont see an issue - I mean 20k rp game with big booster + 100% on top - yah that would be insane but not commen


The swedish lvakan 48 is still not Fixed it has the same stats as the Leopard 40/70 or Amx-13 DCA 40 the lvkv 42 and VEAK 40 still has the wrong chells. Also the lvkv 42 still single handedly supports the swedish 4.7 - 6.0 and other nations also suffer from it! Give us a SPAA Focused Update already!!

These skill “bonuses” are quite depressing. First, it should be based on Scores. Second, the ground grind should at least be as good as Air grind.