War Thunder Hottakes

I want it as an option in all modes, same as it is for planes.

It should be required for Ground SB (again, same as planes), but regardless the option is needed.

E-100 top speed is 30kph. Crashing into a rock already deals damage, it can knock out tracks, wheels, even transmission sometimes.

This would result in heavies going down in BR an absolute ton, with them neither being fun to play or fight against. You would be barely able to penetrate them, but if they got tracked or breeched they would be completely useless.

Sorry, but I like sim in the way it is.
I don’t want unrealistic clunk in my game.

If you want to directly control your tank, hook up your control inputs and do it already. It’s been a feature forever.

I would love to see even less players playing sim and having to wait more for a single match.

It’d also price out keyboard and mouse users entirely, which sim air doesn’t do.

You cannot, it’s not a feature that exists in WT. That’s the whole point of this comment.

You following comment doesn’t line up with the reality of the game either, as the request was to make Ground SB the same as Air SB in terms of inputs. One would be free to use a mouse with Mouse Joy, just as can be done in Air SB. Same thing.

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It does exist in War Thunder, and has since tanks were introduced.
I know cause I did it with my HOTAS 2+ years ago to see what it was like.

Again, forcing it would price people out and make the game less realistic.
Aircraft aren’t tanks, stop conflating the two.
Air sim and ground sim already have similar controls for the relative vehicles.

You are incorrect, this isn’t a debate.

Please, do find me where you can choose to not use Pointer Aim and instead directly control your tank (as with Realistic/Full-Real Controls or Mouse Joystick).

Please answer the actual question.

There is no way to directly control it, but you are able to emulate it with a flight stick.

Well sure, you can use a stick to control the cursor, but it’s still ultimately Pointer Aim, not direct control of the horizontal/vertical drives.

In much the same way, you could use a stick to control the Pointer Aim cursor in a plane too, which would be all sorts of cursed lol.

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And i was exclusively talking about the E-100? Also 30 kpg crashes into ro schould do quite some damage.

Is looking where you drive really to much to expect from ground players? You can do it in racing games too can’t you?

But that doesn’t build such a nice strawman he can attack. I mean GHPC has something like mouse joy and it works fine. I don’t see them crying to get mouse aim.

Then there is the stabilized view that autocorrects for the hull movement, which even games like GTA V don’t do. In that regard WT sim is more dumbed down that GTA V.

I think those are very basic requests and they act like you want a super hyper fidelity sim. No we don’t we want the basics, the minimum for GSB to qualify as a ground combat sim.


All you get is the console aiming system at best. You cannot get direct control of the turret rotation speed… Like at all.