War Thunder Hottakes

Ok gamers. What are some of YOUR hottakes on the game?

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add swastikas into the game on historical vehicles, and make it optional and/or unavailable in banned regions.


I voted for War Thunder for labour of love award on Steam

Gaijin are far from perfect, but they actually listened to the community’s feedback instead of digging their heels in and the game improved immensely.


General decompression is superior & faster than 0.7 BR matchmaker.


funny thing, as it’s a Game so a Form of Art by law it’s no longer Illegal to have Swastikas in games in Germany

however I still think this is a Bad idea at least as a Decal because it would probably further politicise the game which Isn’t good for it

theres a reason why Hammer and Sickle are so hard to get now too


0.7BR matchmaker is a cheap solution to a deeper problem


make sure they start to bubble a little bit before you flip…oh crap i thought it said hotcakes. my bad.


CAS is ridiculously unbalanced and Israel is a fine addition to the game.


All event vehicles in game should be available to all players after a 2 years of them being added to the game, gaijin needs to implement a means in which players can grind these vehicles similarly to squadron vehicles, without it being subject to thousands in GC or loot box mechanics. I.E allow players to research them but say they’re 750k RP each and no GE option to speed up the process. This gives players a 2 year exclusivity on the market and 2 years exclusive ownership over other players. If people want that vehicle bad enough they can still get it after missing the event from 5 years ago. It’s just going to take alot of time.


The game badly needs BR decompression/overhaul and player performance indexing in the matchmaker to reduce suffer and clubbin’.


There is no Russian bias in the way most people think there is. There is buggy mechanics, and a bias towards premium vehicles.

France low tier isn’t that bad.

USA has the best 6.7 lineup by a long shot.

The biggest flaw with war thunder is the maps, they are not good.

This game has a teamplay/communication issue.


Yes yes, Gaijin refuses to remove Soviets being equal to all other countries and that upsets you.
You think Soviets should be inferior because of prejudice.

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Gaijin should do more collabs with other franchises. Such as an Among Us collab.


a mongoose

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Gaijin should buy World of Tanks and merge it with War Thunder.

There isn’t anything Gaijin can do with SPAA to save it from how terrible the player base’s aim is with it.


Game has not noticeably improved in the last decade and aside from adding new vehicles that sometimes come with some new weapon systems, the game is practically the same it was in 2014.


Gjn should sell the IP


KD is extremely overrated and not a good indicator of a player’s actual skill.

The game is genuinely fun and enjoyable.

Top Tier powercreep kills the coolest BR range and is only getting worse.

Historical lineups >> BR lineups.

CAS is good, beneficial, and necessary for GRB.

Lootboxes shouldn’t have a 1 in a million chance for getting a vehicle.

No one nation has an overall bias. Every nation has their strong BRs and their weak BRs.

Spalling is super overrated. The difference between APHE and AP or even APHE and APDS is negligible in actual battle scenarios.


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