War Thunder Hottakes

Dammit now I’m hungry 😞

Historically nerf APHE again so it actually represents reality instead of being physics defying balls of broken death.

Give the Griffon Spitfires their deserved boost. If a 109K4 can run maximum boost because one airframe did it then there’s no excuse as to why the Spits can’t have their actual operational settings.


The US should only ever face itself in high tier ARB.

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BMP-2M, 2S38 and AV TURMS are only complained about by bad players


you officially have the hottest take here now

Some I agree with the rest, no

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I’ll take that lol

There should be an dedicated SPAA update that fixes most gaps in all the TT


I think the only 2 nations without massive gaps is Germany and Russia. Everyone else needs something somewhere, alot of nations need 2 or 3 spaa’s to fill in gaps.

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Scrolling through the posts in this thread I can’t really tell which are:

  1. Actual hot takes
  2. Widely popular opinion, presented as “Hot take”
  3. Sarcastic tongue in cheek commentary

Pls help


Good >:)

What’s yours?

I’ll add another.

Small Mozodok is one of the best maps ingame. It’s just enjoyable to play on for lots of tanks.

Spitfires are hot overrated trash, except the LF IX, which is tolerable.

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you are Objectively and Subjectively wrong

don’t you dare insult my spiteful Spitfire MK.24

It is only fair, would benefit the longevity of the Game, boost player morale and game enjoyment imo.

Is Hottake a Japanese word like Shiitake?

(feels like it to me)

Hot take, huh?

Make events/BP permanent, so you can choose which to grind at any time. Remove all premiums two or less tiers away from top tier entirely, and compensate with a tech tree version and the equivalent $70 of gold.

How’s that for hot?

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Gaijin would like to a have a word with you.

One has to wonder how much more money they could get while being praised more if they treated their community at large better…

For a prime example of a hugely successful F2P game with a much less deplorable monetization scheme, just look at Warframe.