War Thunder guide: Managing burnout


Call of the Dragon starts tomorrow and with it the new event cycle. Events will be going on nearly constantly and with that comes the inevitable burnout. Call of the Dragon itself likely won’t induce much burnout for most, but this ongoing new cycle, combined with the Battle Pass and Pages of History events, is fated to cause burnout for anyone (like me) who is committed to doing all of them.

So here, I thought it would be worthy to go over strategies to manage burnout. These will not eliminate it, but they can stave it off and make it much more managable.

Strategies to manage burnout

You don’t need every event vehicle

This really is a “do as I say, not as I do” thing because I absolutely go for every prize, but you don’t need to. If you don’t want a prize, skip it. Take a break. Don’t force yourself to grind. If you just want a specific decal or decoration, get it and then stop.

Taking breaks

This is one of the best strategies for minimizing burnout. Every 45 minutes to hour and a half, get up and leave your computer. Go grab a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat, go outside, or just do anything that does not involve being on your computer. I know it’s cliché, but it really is important. It takes 3-5 hours to grind each star, you only have to do it for 1 gamemode instead of 3 like the old marathon events, and you have 2 days to do it. If you can spare the time to grind this event, then you should make sure you’re taking breaks. I can personally attest to it making the grind far more barable.

Spading vehicles & focusing on playing what you like

While you’re playing, the best way to make it not feel like a constant grind is to go play what you enjoy playing. If you’re grinding out a tree, go play that. Are you trying to spade a lineup? Go spade it. Spading vehicles can also help you research those trees because for every rank of modifications you fully research, you get bonus RP for whatever vehicles you are researching. If you can, try and keep it to ranks 4+, but focus on what you enjoy. When you focus on what you enjoy, you tend to do better in battle and the grind feels much more barable.

Switch the nation you’re playing

War Thunder has 10 nations, 9 of which are enjoyable to play in some form (cough Israel cough) and 8 of which have at least decent ground trees (cough Japan cough). Those nations have a lot of variety. If you are getting bored of a nation or are finding it monotonous, go play something else. Get variety to make the game more interesting.


War Thunder is introducing more and more systems that collectively cause burnout. We are getting to the point where giving up on certain aspects is fully understandable. However, for those who want to keep going and aren’t burnt out yet or are trying to manage burnout, I hope these strategies have helped. There are likely other strategies that I have missed, but since Call of the Dragon begins tomorrow, I thought it was pertinent to get it out now.


Ideally I’d try to get everything done in one go, use Pages of history vehicles that fit both the BP daily tasks/ challenges and the event grind, though with quite a few BP challenges that just won’t be possible.

At worst if that doesn’t work and you don’t have time, change BP tasks until you get something fast, quite often I can do the easy and medium tasks in 2-3 games, special task in a few more.

For pages of history I’ll consider weird lineups if the score is good, like a Ju 87 along with BR 6 Heavy cruisers, just to get the needed score fast, I guess something similar can be done about the events when you also want to do pages of history, else it’s 65k score to grind in 2 days.

Warthunder events are a job: confirmed.

Why else do we need a “how to avoid burnout” guide? :P


If a game need a ‘managing burnout’ guide, something is wrong.


Or you know, they could just lower the amount of work that is required for the event to a more managable level


Italy exists

Events should be fun, they should be like the atomic thunder one, you play a fun mode and you get fun rewards, not a grind fest.


Yep, the last one (for the Mirage) was a real chore, having to log on and do it even though I wasnt really in the mood for War Thunder. Thats the biggest issue for me. The amount needed to grind in air or even naval is managable, but its doing it every 2 days for 16 days is just designed to burn you out so you spend money on it.

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I feel like I’m going to have to start saying this a lot given my habit of longer form posts, but I am not an employee and this is not an official guide. This is a personal project because I want to do guides like this, and entirely independent of that, I am also a community helper which is not a salaried position.


yeah, but the point still stands :)
No issue with you or what you wrote though


I agree that something is wrong. The fact that I had to write it at all is kind of insane, I just really want people to know it’s not official.

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RIP bro, my comments were being flagged non stop when I said this last week.

This is equivalent to saying a hard r slur to some people.

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It really is. I have no clue why people take such offense at the idea. If you want every event vehicle (like me) that’s fine, but some people take it as a personal insult.

  1. People that complain about the quantity of points needed need to study some other guides. You can complete a mark in 2.5 hours a day over 2 days or 5 hours a day if you gun it. Note - this is at average play averaging 1500 score per match.

  2. Play other games from time to time - you do not have to dedicate your life to a game. Personally, I play WT and something else every day.

That is true, but I still think it is too high for most. I’ll be fine, but it is too much for most people.

Currently I am sitting at 38749/45000

Roughly 3 hours of play and really not playing to do well, we are just vibing and having fun. I am placing between 5th and 7th at the moment cause hold W simulator.

It’s not that hard. The burnout issue is this + the Battle Pass + Pages of History + any mini events and that these events are going forever now.

I make it a point to be nice and polite to everyone in chats. And so I start every match ( I play AirRB) with a “Good luck have fun” to both teams. Because this is a game and who is in which team is random, and the members of the other team are not enemies, just opponents, not different from your opponents in a board game.

And if you think you can imagine what kind of negative responses I get for my friendly greeting… it is way worse than you think. Teamkills, insults, being deliberately singled out as target by the enemy team…


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RIP. A lot of the community is unfortunately very toxic to that sort of thing. It’s a good thing you’re doing though :)

Well, my usual response is “You don’t have fun, but still pay playing war thunder? You do you. I choose to have fun.” which prompts them to ruin said fun.

And what keeps me afloat, are gems like this:
(needless to say, I was flying a bomber and got shot down at 3:30)

So, in this spirit…
Good luck and have fun, everybody. See you in the skies!

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