Off-topic/General chat for Britain


just wanted to say, that one would make way more sense and would be more unique for the british tree

The thing is we have so many domestic yet to be added

do you want your domestic ones as event, squadron or premium?

Yeah, we dont actually need anything C&P on our ground tree, though a singular Canadian Leopard could be nice. It just air we have 1 or 2 holes

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War Thunder guide: Managing burnout if you need something to chere the evening. THIS IS A OFFICAL POST XD

Ground mbts will only matter when we have the IFVs

not official, community helpers arent employees

redback wouldnt be C&P as long as we dont have korea yet

i know their something you like to hear @x_Shini we can get a CV90 in the tree

i know germany can as well from netherlands :P

True, then I mean non-native. Britain has plenty of vehicles it developed itself or actually operated.

all the warrior variants and CTA Bradley maybe with the Ajax on top

Yep, even a Boxer with Brimstones for top tier ATGM

i want the ajax feature to deafen its crew implemented


We are getting a shell shock mechanic :D


if the the mayority votes for it

I hope so, would make HESH potentially viable

i had people tell me why it was delayed and i was surprised as i thought the issues with it would come from the new gun but no its the tracks