Wagers holder with “special needs”?

Am I wrong or the level 1 have seen the ground targets hardened because some guy was too slow to play the game normally with his wagers? War Thunder would have to be praised for it sensitivity and diligence for slow persons. But it did not anticipate that by doing so, it made it almost impossible for low BR bombers to destroy many of the targets as it was the case before the slow persons manifest themselves. Everything was fun. Now with the same diligence it should reverse course and restore the level so that the bombers payload become relevant again.

Destroying the ground targets is the aim of the game and it was twisted, defaced. Now your standards no longer stand, they accommodate some capricious slow persons. Furthermore, it has been done for individuals who come rarely with these kind of bargain coupons, while the largest part of their activity is at level 3, 4, or 5. So, when they go back up, for all the rest of us, focused low BR bombers the game is ruined, totally unplayable . War Thunder put some scenarios that are incompatible with the capacity of the bombers as an accommodation. You have to realize that we adapted to face what was, facing reality, not prying for our convenience. Now the delicate equilibrium is off and peril ensues. All efforts only bring home a quarter of what was before the derangement.

Restoration of the situation that was prevailing before some slow individuals started to whine is required. You changed the nature of level 1 profoundly without any consideration for the situation that was existing. It is like a deportation. A new world that we never asked for.

I will never insist enough that it is mainly at that level that we play, us focused bombers, it is my favourite theatre of operation, the “atelier” for my art to bloom. When the problematic party is back up having fun at higher level, we can’t play as before anymore down here. That coming was as covid or a plague.

All my lineups of planes are worthless now, what a waste. Since many days now despite all my sweat, only loss of time lies at my feet. Just for bargain coupon petty gain? What is desired from these parties is obtainable with real money, just have to pay to get what is fantasized about, until competence rises to an acceptable point, then bargain coupons might be used again. And so, without ruining it for everyone else. It is not someone’s own game, it is our’s, we made it what it is. We don’t like some things but we have to deal with it. Not asking that everything change for some caprices. Don’t attempt changing the world but change yourself.

How often was a bomber crossed that was rightly focused on ground targets for it is the aim of the game? I play less than some of these great focused artists and I seldom cross them. When it happens, moments of Benediction, never am I envious or dreaming of their demise, I am always in awe before the grace and expertise they deploy. Expertise and a deep knowledge of their cherished craft is the force that hold these elegant albatross that swiftly, but legitimately level a battlefield to a desolated and silent barren land, but now ready for peace again. Now these magnificent birds are dying, rendered useless, bleeding from their wings, barbarically thorn for a few coins of gold. Cupidity spurred by the impatience of the young and green is what blinded the eyes who could not perceive and appreciate the majestic ballet of devastation emerging before narrow dried sight. Nooo I say, it is just bargain coupons pettiness.

It has been suggested that Arcade is not the proper place, because these games are shorter. No. The talents could also try their luck at level 2 also. Many solutions for goodwill adult. Spoiling other people’s fun sounds better.

I have weavers too, I used one, and came to the conclusion that I was not competent enough yet. So the rest are there waiting until I become humbly worthy of using them. Meanwhile, when I wanted to have things from the game I simply paid with some real money like a normal citizen. War Thunder has an easy page to do so, and offers reductions of cost if you invest more. Easy to understand, the page is user-friendly even for slow persons. I suggest that the slow persons do the same without making life harder for others, who were happy before their apparition.

P.S. A #gofundme gizmo could help.

Could lead to

(2) P.S. Mommys can always give money when we face hardship.

Marvellous game, thanks for the work it involves.