VR players or regular sim flyers

Looking for regular players. I’m an Aussie who tries to fly 1-2 hours a day 8-10pm (Aussie time) most nights. I play a bit more on weekends. I don’t mind which server we fly in ping is bad all round but if you’re an SA flyer and keen for a squaddie feel free to add me. I’m experienced in ww2 planes a lot of il2:1946 and cliffs of Dover experience, pretty noob at jets. So yeah hit me up. Looking to get more flights in with this new headset and since my spotting sucks right now the more the merrier haha


o7 Nice to see some players who came from the good old times with IL-2 Sturmovik and who gone through the madness of Cliffs of Dover.
My old Squadron StG2 Immelmann broke almost apart because Cliffs of Dover was a bug disaster.
I’m left the planes behind and went for the tanks.
Wish you luck in finding players and always enough air under your wings.

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Team fusion have done amazing things with cliffs of dover, it’s really good now, very solid sim. VR been in beta too long though, many people lost interest in the game moved onto DCS, other things. A pity.

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I’m from Germany - so I’m 10 hours behind you (as far as I know). But it should work on the weekends.
My English is just enough for simple conversation ^^ - and to announce where enemies are. (Thanks for the English lessons, B*tching Betty ^^).

I fly simulator in VR mode and so far actually on top-tier, but would also fly the other BR’s again.

If you like, write to me.
Greetings from Germany

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By all means. I love my 109s so flying with a German would increase the immersion haha! Add me and if I see you online I’ll hit you up