Volumetric remains a broken system yet hasn't been removed or replaced

Except armor never works for you when you need it, and always works for the enemy when THEY need it
I’ve had moments where 5-10mm thick side skirts manage to bounce a 120 or something like that even tho historically half the tank would be evaporated

Never and always is blown way out or proportion. Most the time it does work. If it didn’t no one would be playing the game.

Well, that has always happened in the game, when the enemy uses a tank it is extremely difficult to kill, when you use that same tank it is garbage that you have to hide so as not to die instantly. That is what I have felt with all the tanks that I have used, mainly because it usually affects many shots that the volumetric bullets fail and also that the bullets do almost no damage when penetrating, so I usually die a lot because of the game programming, and apart from that That feeling also comes because when you use a tank, you are almost always in the uptier, however when you find that tank it is the one that is in the downtier, so you face it with quite a disadvantage.

I see that common misunderstanding what the volumetric armor is and what it does still runs wild…

What you described is property of per polygon/face armor value. In volumetric armor model such random armor value spikes are not possible.

problem is that volumetric armour is not implemented so it produces stupid moments where a M22 can a 122mm shel because it hit the weld between two plates

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