Volumetric remains a broken system yet hasn't been removed or replaced

This is inexcusable.


If you want to create a topic for all the things you don’t like about the game, fine, but please argue!


APDS is absorbed as if it is HEAT-FS due to random lines in armor producing values of 900 meters.

This is not realistic and does not serve the game. It ruins an entire BR range of vehicles making them unfun and annoying to play.


The problem with volumetric isn’t that it’s broken, it’s just that it’s not finished.

My understanding is that the shells became volumetric but that the armour of some tanks are still standard. For example my shells always disapear on the side of panthers and tigers and that’s because their armour isn’t volumetric yet.

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The edges of armor no matter the thickness are curved infinitely creating unrealistic armor values.

When you weld two 80 mm thick plates perpendicular to each other.
The place where the roof plate meets the side plate is suddenly several meters thick, which is normal.


End dont forget the algorythme who lost his head when a shell hit 2 plates simultaneous => he cant calculating and said automaticly “Non penetration”.

But at the end, Volumetric feature solved more problems than it created.

Too bad that NATO projectiles created specifically to penetrate Russian armor don’t work, and Russian tanks like the T-80 BVM have unrealistic armor levels, due to all the layers of protection they have. and the blow is completely neutralized when it shouldn’t be


Correct. Most tanks still have the old armor which means that they will have multiple pieces of armor rather than the single piece they had irl. The new stuff gets it but they only seem to update the older tanks just before said tank gets added to Enlisted.

Yes that would be very logical if the side skirt of tanks was 80mm thick

20mm + 80mm = 456mm armor through stalinium magic according to Gaijin


The only problem it solved was heavy tanks being bullied by well placed shots penetrating their frontal hull.

That’s fine, side armor should not be given the same courtesy as the system is clearly incapable of rendering armor realistically.

Yes of course… the famous russian bias…

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I think it is more bugged volumetric bias. Because it is clear that there is something that needs to be corrected, because since they put that mechanic in place, the shots stopped by the armor in impossible situations have multiplied by 100.

The issue is present on Russian tanks because Russian tanks have very pronounced side plates compared to most vehicles. In real life this armor is meaningless, it’s a step to climb the tank. In War Thunder due to the game’s modeling it provides them with unrealistic armor values for the majority of side penning shots.

Is it intentional bias? I don’t care. It needs to be fixed for all tanks.

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That is a charakteristic of old per polygon armor thickness, not the volumetric amor.
Volumetric means that armor value is calculated between impact point and exit point of projectile.
So i think you got it reversed, volumetric armor is the one you want to have implemented on all vehicles.

The armor values being presented are being treated such as that. If you’re telling me every single Russian vehicle in the game hasn’t had volumetric implemented on it, that would certainly be something.

Most tanks dont have it. Only the new ones and whatever they add to Enlisted have it so far. The issue is that they added volumetric shells without also giving all tanks volumetric armor.

Not many vehicles has the volumetric and I’m not sure if any vehicle has chassis with volumetric, I recall only turrets/mantlets beeing volumetric.

The issue with volumetrics is the base concept used to justify it is flawed.

The goal originally was to remove “pixel sniping” aka trying to hit the 5mm flat and weak turret ring in between two heavily armored plates with a shell that would not fit in between those plates.

In practice though, from what I understand, the implementation ended up being “if a shell hits two plates at the same time, it means it tries to go between when it can’t fit, therefore just cancel the shell”.

In reality, even if a shell does not fit between two plates, a shell does not magically disapear. All its energy, whether kinetic or chemical, is still there and there is still an impact, it will just lose energy by the time it reaches the pmate behind the “in between” zone. If the energy is enough, the “pixel sniping” still occurs because the two “blocking” plates still both get penetrated.

It seems that gaijin does not account for that with their volumetric model, and the “two hits = disapear” mechanic is what breaks the volumetric system in WT. It should be removed until they get it right, I’d rather have my turret ring sniped by 15cm shells than have my 120mm APFSDS travelling at 1700m/s cease to exist upon hitting in between two plates of a PzIV’s side skirt.


This is not at all what is volumetric armor about.
Volumetric is about figuring out LOS thickness on irregular shape like round turrets etc.

Imo shell if hitting different armor value surfaces does not disappear. It probably calculate average armor value of both surfaces.