Vidar is shamely OP at his br

It’s one of the reasons why 8.0 br is unplayable, especially if you’re in a shitty T-54 with WW1 turret rotation or in an unstabilazed M48-M60

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Or in the R3 T106 or the Leo 1 or the OF-40 or the French stuff or the (and on and on and on).

I agree VIDAR should be higher, simply because it is incredibly difficult to one shot while retaining characteristics that make it easy for it to one shot you back.

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Doesn’t matter if you care or not. Your stats tell me you’re not a good player if you can’t even do well in a tank you yourself call easy to play/point and click.

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Why do you complain about a tank that is getting you so many kills?

You should be banned for trolling. In any thread that I’m seeing you post in it’s always some cheap rage bait + insults. You don’t add any value to a discussion whatsoever.

Korean Technology at its finest.

Funny coming from the guy that loves to try to statshame people, which is something you can be banned for, btw. Or are you just playing selective rules because your little feelings get hurt because most folks don’t take you seriously?

You have the gall to say I don’t belong here? Buddy, way I see it you are the one who should get gone. You bring nothing to the table.

You like to run your lip and then cry when you get rebuked. It’s laughable how pathetic and immature you are, like a snide little brat that hasn’t been whipped enough to learn humility.

Checking your credibility is now a bannable offense?

Your posts always make for a good laugh.

day 2137 of reading whines in “vidar OP” topics, still not seen a shred of evidece that it overperforms

If you’re unable to see how much better the VIDAR is compared to its contemporaries you’re probably blind.

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Post data, show statistics etc anything of real value that would show it overperforms.

Your feelings about vehicle is not valid data

All of that has already been done. Your failure to recognize this being one of the most obvious op tanks in recent War Thunder history is your own problem.

Want to use stats for balance? Please never voice your opinion again.


you want to nerf tank because of your hurt feelings? Please never voice your opinion ever again.

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