Vidar is shamely OP at his br

No, it isn’t better. Not by a long shot.

Playing Obj 120 is a point and click adventure.

Playing Vidar is a dice roll, using weighted die, and you aren’t the owner of those weighted die.

Smassive skill issue


Blud obviously doesn’t know how bad HE really is.

Typical non-HE user response.

Obj 120 better than Vidar?

Like laser rangefinder, gen 3 thermals, better mobility, HE-VT and strong HE are in favor for VIDAR.

HE on VIDAR are great, You just need to be able to play the game.


Only scrubs aim for mantlets in The VIDAR… The real money is in hitting rooftop machine guns. Thats how you kill absolutely anything virtually every time you hit.

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looks at france

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if you think HE is bad you should try other shells.


yes but i was referring to 8,0 where mantlets are almost always a kill considering the armor level of what you face

Onestly this Arty has all modern systems:

  1. laser rangefinder,
  2. gen 3 thermal
  3. mobility of leopard 1
  4. troll armor- no armor best armor
  5. He with 9kg of tnt
  6. acces to he-vt
  7. reload time 7.8 s ( 155mm gun reloads better than any tank with NATO 105mm ingame- exept strv 103)

It is not balanced, and each time after sales 8.0 +/- 1 is unplayable due to vidar spam. After all some vehicles like Falcon get higher BR because there was some advantages. Vidar has all of it and has 8.0… an Self-propeled Howitzer system from 2019 year meet tanks from end of ww2 or early cold war. At 10.3 still many players use it. For me decent BR is 9.0 for this cooky.


Any data showing that it is overperforming? Like, actual data? Statistics? Or your only sources are your hurt feelings?

How can someone unironically believe the Obj 120 is better than the Vidar

He just belives in russian bias and thinks that anything russian is OP.


Because it is. If HE wasn’t so garbage perhaps I’d look at it differently.

Fact remains with the 120 I can literally LOLPen everything within it’s BR range. Center mass, no less.

The Vidar can basically do the same thing, and it has thermals. It is also considerably more mobile, and in my experience fighting both, the Vidar is much harder to kill.

It is just better than the Obj-120. Russian tank≠OP tank.

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People who never played them of course.


VIDAR is a little tougher than it’s contemporaries, I flanked one with the Type 87 RCV (P) and turns out VIDAR is almost entirely immune to 20mm HVAP.
Actually considering thermals, LRF etc VIDAR basically has no contemporaries, there is no artillery vehicle so powerful.
It’s ammo selection is a little dodgy, I think it could recieve a buff in that department (IE Addition of L16 or fixing it’s M107 to have a less terrible velocity) in return for being moved up to 8.7 or 9.0.


But but ruSSian game dev??? 😯

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I shamelessly went ahead and checked your stats (literally cyberbullying) but it doesn’t seem you’re telling the truth. You could in theory lolpen everything but the gun alone doesn’t make this tank easy to use or op in the hands of a mediocre player (you).

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FYI: a 4.3kg TNT HE shell can’t overpressure a VIDAR. The only place,and i kid you not, to do that is shooting near the gun mantlet. Shooting at the turret cheeks does nothing since it has small boxes thay preemptively fuzes the shell,and shooting at the sides or even behind it does absolutely nothing since it has 44-45 mm of RHA armor and this shell only pens 38mm.

The same aforementioned shell can overpressure a Leopard 2A7V or a Strv 122B+ by simply shooting between the turret and the hull.

So yeah,the only HE shells that can OHK the Vidar anywhere are all the 155mm arty HE shells and the 2S1’s 122mm HE shell,so basically anything that has more than 5.5kg of TNT

At the same time,the 4.3kg HE shell can overpressure almost anything it faces, except the 279 and the Tigers

You can’t statshame someone who doesn’t care about his own stats. Lmfao.

Hold your L, kiddo. You earned it.

You’ve also completely lost your argument attempt against me. Go sit in the corner.

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