Vidar is shamely OP at his br

Vidar is absolutely OP. Thermals, laser rangefinders, excessivley good HE shots. Really a shame. And they put obj 120 (that is shit right now) at br 8. Gaijin must move Vidar at least at 8.7. It is absolutely op.


Everything should be 1.0!


Are u stupid??? Should be reserve, cuz 1.0 has repair cost!!!


My apologies, forgot about that

what would moving the VIDAR up to 8.7 do/fix?

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Nothing. It will kill easier as there would be less armor. It is fine where it is, its paper vehicle with no stab relying on hitting cupolas to kill stuff.

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My question was mostly rhetorical.

The only argument is that if you move it up to 8.7 more things are likely to have thermals as well… but doesnt really solve anything. The VIDAR will always just be good/strong… sooo, learn to deal with it. (in general.)

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Just a problem with all vechicles that rely on HE.

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nah, this one is stronger than even those… but sure… HE can usually donk/kill most things

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absolute stupid point you can kill 90% of vehicles at 8.0 by just hitting the mantlet, its not paper at all its actually very survivable it never dies in one hit unless you find someone using aphe which is very uncommon at 8.0, youre very fast, you ahve LFR and 2nd gen thermals. its hilariously broken at its br and its should at least be 8.7.


If you put it at 8.7 then it becomes useless. Again lack of stab in environment at this point full of them.

the stab would be irrelevant on it, its a sniper vehicle all it would do would be make it slightly better, at 8,7 it would be balanced instead of just utterly op


Sniper vehicle lmao. Tell me how you can snipe in 90% of these city maps the MM usually gives you.

gross exageration most maps allow for a sniping playstyle in one way or another, not to mention you got thermals and lrf you can quite easily guard checkpoints. how do you think the leopard one plays at 8.0? hes got no thermals, no LRF and no stab, and its less survivable on top of that. yet its still a more than fine vehicle at 8.0.

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Well,unlike VIDAR,the Leo have actual ammo that doesnt rely on shooting cupolas or mantlets and pray it spalls downwards to cook off ammo. Also strong words coming from someone who never played either Leo 1 or VIDAR and is US and UK main. People have right to complain about things only if they have experience with them. And your 0.58 K/D can also tell you aint a good player either.

ok so aside your pointless babble and your talk about k.d lets talk about whats relevant. i have played the leopard 1 quite a bit just not on this account, you take the only minor advantage the leopard 1 has completely forgetting every other disadvantage i pointed out, also those really hard mantlet shots(lmao) and cupola shots always oneshot vehicles. you have a lrf and 2nd gen thermals those two things alone make it so you will spot and shoot first in 90% of engagements, you know im right thats why you completelygave up on providing an argument and you are now just attacking me with pointles bullshit.

considering how youre using overall k.d as a valid metric i dont think youre particularly interested in a constructive argument though.

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I agree that it shouldn’t snipe ww2 tanks from the other side of the map with its thermals and laser rangerfinder. Instead it should fight other things with thermals/laser rangefinders.

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at least not staying at 8.0

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Dude is really saying the Vidar is better than the Obj 120?

Lol. Lmfao.

That isnt an argument. It very much is better