Vidar at 8.0 makes 0 sense needs 8.7 or higher

First and foremost, how on gods earth is a tank with Gen 2 thermals and a LRF that has an amazing HE round at 8.0? its gotta be the simple it fits gaijins becoming way to OP narrative for sweeden in general they are by far the best nation in the game in the game now. AMAZING CAS AT EVERY BR ALMOST, AMAZING TANKS ESPECIALLY RANK 5 THROUGH 8.

Back on topic, so this tank sits at 8.0 and its insane it makes 0 sense it needs to be moved up constantly getting crushed by this tank because here i am in my little 7.3 tank getting sniped across the map because the dude i thought normally coudnt see me has amazing thermals and 1 shot HE round with great surviability and of course a laser ranger finder and yes i know other tanks have LRF at lower BR like china but they are not spammed and must be earned mostly but an lrf on a t55 dosent make it OP what so ever esperically since the lower plate of the t55 is made out of swisse cheese and heavy medal swisse cheese when the round penetrates makes ton of spalling compared to the VIDAR with its very thin armor dosent make as much thier for making it more survivable and this is common sense. A high pen heat round heating thick metal will melt the thick metal making more pressure and causing more shrapnel compared to very thin metal. Like a shooting through sheet metal comparatively so not gonna do much but melt and give way.

Anyways this tank needs to be moved up to 8.7 and i dont want to hear the lames say SKILL ISSUE. Skill has nothing to do with getting sniped across the map at a BR range where tanks dont have that level of technology that tank could easily be 9.0 and survive easily ive taken it into battle at the BR and done fine. The Vidar is amazing but its not fair a 7.0 tank should face this tank


Correction at bottom “should not face this tank”

Skill issue indeed. What it will do at 8.7 except being useless cause everyone have stabs? That tank relies on not being seen and hitting campers, and even then the HE is not very reliable,having to aim for cupola weakspot just to have it eaten by optics and then dying? Even the map design is heavily against VIDAR with so many city maps where it is near unusable cause of the lack of stab.


Lack of a stabiliser really doesn’t hurt that much on flat ground which the city maps give you a lot of, sure as hell hasn’t stopped me from getting mid-range shots in with unstabilised vehicles.

Absolute nonsense. VIDAR is the toughest vehicle of it’s kind and takes damage for days, if you don’t have a 40mm+ HE shell to shoot at it or an autocannon you’ll be spending 20 seconds taking out this one damn artillery piece.

It easily oneshots the vehicle that was pretty much designed to eat explosives, have you never used HE?


Sounds like a skill issue to me dude, idk just saying. You need a Stabilizer to get kills? Because last time i checked the french tanks at 8.7 with worst thermals practically no armor and a dart at are 8.7 and they are just as useless yet they are there at 8.7 so like i said before you kill yourself with your own medicine make sure you back your argument up better, because we can play the “what that tank dosent have but has game all day” its appropriate BR is 8.7 all day but it does not fit the monetary stance of Gaijin


Yes, skill issue is the only explanation for thinking Vidar is bad and need stay in 8.0.

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nah vidar good at 8.0 peak balance

This person is insane beliving this. All i want is a better balence for the 7.0 range my 7.3 games are littered wjth this tank every match and its untirely unfair and makes 0 sense why i am fighting this 1 shot machine that i can not even remotely get a shot on sometimes because its vertical targeting and shell velocty are insane compared to my damn t32 lol or any other tank for that matter go ahead and try and get a shot off at this tank if its sitting still and you come around the corner…you are dead


Besides whats it gonna do at 8.7 with no stab and trash horizontal and vertical speed?

No idea why they don’t increase the BR.


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The games are full of it like every premium that is currently on sale. Noone will play it again in a month lol.

You dont even own it lol. And most of your games are spent clubbing people in Jumbo or KV-1/2. Barely experienced playing against it.

Nah i dont need it.




PD: Your most played tank is the Panther m10 with a lower BR than Jumbo 76 and your 5th more played vehicle is the KV.1B so what is your point???

For all the people booing OP and calling “skill issue”, let me say this: no you

I have the VIDAR, and I have to agree completely.

One of my last games today was a deliberate uptier to 10.3 where I got 6 kills 0 deaths, not difficult at all.

You simply click the enemy and they die. LRF and thermal makes for mindnumbingly simple sniping at any range.

The survivability is cracked. You’re a massive tin can which people constantly overpenetrate, causing little to no damage to you and APHE regularly fails to fuse.

Hell, the VIDAR could be BR 9.0 and it would still be good. Get a grip people.


Sweden is not the best nation overall.

Anyway, the Vidar should go up, the combo of gen 2 thermals, and an LRF at 8.0 is criminal. It also has weird survivability and is surprisingly fast.

Say what-

Swede CAS is like
Just the A21s/T18s/B18s which are fairly decent, and the copy-paste Ju 88

And the sk60/saab105 whatever ig

But other nations get far suprior cas- heck, Sweden’s largest bomb is found on their 3.0 german copypaste, and they only get an 800 kilo on their native designs. Their fighters have no bombs to speak of, and their attack line is wack

Ground-wise their aight, but very few tanks are op beyond the sav lmao, maybe the ush?

VIDAR is interesting imo, mainly due to MBTs existing. I honestly dont find too many issues with it atm, but it could go up to 8.7 (I will defer to others on this, though- dont have the thing)

It is the size of a house, with poor turret traverse and such. Could probably go back to 7.7 in AB without much trouble.

I just got it yesterday, hadn’t figured out how to use it yet, currently having 2 kills with 1 death

What will any 7.0-7.7 do? The VIDAR is almost impossible to oneshot and by the time you try to estimate the range you’re already hit by a 155mm round.

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