Vidar at 8.0 makes 0 sense needs 8.7 or higher

The point was you having barely 500 games at ranks where VIDAR can be met or at rank 6 and above,meanwhile i have way more.

Vidar is 8.0 so face more than rank 6 tanks. And if you played more at certain ranks dont proof you are better player just look how you suck hard in a blatantly undertiered tank.

Funnily enough, it should have 3rd gen thermals lol

Gen 2 or 3 is pretty much the same in my opinion, gen 1 is trash tho.

I find the difference between Gen 2 and 3 noticeable, though mostly at long distances. Gen 1 is better than nothing imo. That said, Gen 3 at 8.0 is goofy