Vickers Valkyr CM 90

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The Vickers Valkyr was an improved variant of the BDX APC, it being a Belgian license-built version of the Irish Timoney APC. Initially designed as the BDX Mk II by Beherman-Demoen, Vickers then teamed up with them, finished the design and built several prototypes of what was now the Valkyr.

It was tested extensively in the UK, Belgium, and to a lesser extent in the middle east.
Two base versions of the Valkyr existed, only differing in roof height. The higher roofed one being used as APCs, while the other could be used as a FSV.

Several turrets were tested on the FSV variant, ranging from ATGM turrets to twin 7.62 mm remote-controlled turrets, as well as 20 or 25 mm autocannons, 81 mm mortars, 90 mm guns etc.

With this history you might be a bit confused; is this Irish, British, Belgian…?

Basically, it’s a Belgian-British evolution of a Belgian-built Irish design.
And in this suggestion, i will focus on a Belgian version of this vehicle, fitted with a Cockerill CM 90 turret and tested in 1984 in Belgium.

This vehicle is a Valkyr trial just as much as it is a CM 90 trial, both components being brand new at the time. The CM 90 turret doesn’t do armor, but that doesn’t stop it from being a significant threat to armored vehicles.
It is fitted with a Cockerill Mk 3 cannon firing HEAT-FS shells penetrating up to 330 mm of RHA as well as other HESH, HE and smoke shells.
It also has a coaxial and a pintle-mounted machine guns for more flexibility, as well as 16 smoke grenade launcher in case things get spicy.

Optional equipment include a laser rangefinder and night vision devices.

Valkyr CM 90



90 mm Cockerill Mk III cannon (ammo: 12 + hull stowage)

  • M620A1 HEAT-FS: 250 mm RHA, 890 m/s
  • NR 478 HEAT-FS: 300 mm RHA, 890 m/s
  • NR 220 HEAT-FS: 330 mm RHA, 700 m/s
  • M625A1 HESH: 102 mm RHA, 800 m/s
  • M618A1 Smoke: 714 m/s

Reloading rate: Unknown, around 8.7 s

2 x 7.62 mm machine guns (ammo: coaxial: 400, cupola: 200)

Vertical guidance: -10 / 30° at 30°/s
16 x smoke grenade launcher
Stabiliser: no
Laser rangefinder: optional
Night vision sights: optional


All-round protection against 7.62 mm AP


4-53T 6-cylinder engine (180 hp)
Max. speed: 100 km/h (amphibious)
Power to weight ratio: ~13 hp per ton


3 (Driver, Commander, Gunner)


Mass: ~13 t
Length: 5.6 m
Width: 2.5 m

Essentially, this is a bit like the child of the Ratel 90 and the AUBL/74 while being slightly better than both, as it’s smaller than the former but has a better turret than the latter.

It is amphibious, fast and packs a decent punch, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be a fun addition to War Thunder! (well except for the armor, but everyone knows no armor is best armor)

I am suggesting this as a Belgian vehicle as they would be the operating country, this specific vehicle being tested by Belgians in Belgium, but it could obviously find its way to the British tree as they famously lack light vehicles, although they could get less prototype-y vehicles first.

Lemme know what you think!


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Valkyr test in Belgium video


+1 would love to see this either in GB or a BeNeLux tree/subtree.





+1 Ideally the UK TT since it was made by Vickers after they took over the project from Timoney and it was intended for Kuwait. Though i am fine with it being in the Benelux TT as well

One last thing, there is another variant of the Valkyr, one with a 60mm mortar and 20mm autocannon akin to the AML-60-20 Serval

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Sure it could very well go to the UK, but as this one was tested by Belgium the operator country would be Belgium.

And oh yeah there was also one with the Cockerill C25 turret or the Lynx turret, i’ll suggest all of them :)

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“mom I want the Vickers Viper!”

“you already have a Vickers Viper!”

Vickers Viper at home

100% would love to see in the UK tree if we dont get Belgium of course.

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Engesa Cascavel’s turret and cannon



The EC 90 cannon is based on the Cockerill Mk 3 but the turret isn’t exactly the same!

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yes, it’s not the same, they tested both 90mm turret, but the et-90 turret never had a photo, now there it is

Oh yeah there’s also other turrets which they tested in Belgium, the CSE 90 turret, Lynx 90, C25

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