Very poor gaming experience at Simulator Battle

I have reported many times to people who “collude to obtain airport kills, and abuse game mechanisms by asking PVE players, etc.” How do I know that they have been punished?

They are seriously affecting the Sim battle gaming experience.

AFK and low tier collusion free kill, they even knowing how to avoid non-manual review, reducing the probability of review by don’t make the kill amount too ridiculous

also the aircraft carrier landing kill and

The Carrier AA is broken as F and that’s the biggest issue I see here - there should be a guy with a bazooka firing on these guys from the tower platform.

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join this Discord

they have a dedicated channel to report abusers like this.

report it via server replay function, then go to the channel “report-cheater-or-farmer”, notify @Spirtyashka (WT Official Game Master) and tell him you’ve made a report on this. Based on what I’ve seen in that discord, it gets results.

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even just rifle or anything light weapon, aircraft is no risk to land, that’s just too ridiculous

my server replay page is broken, i already key in the reason and time tag, it always shows “Incorrect input data” so i already PM the WT Official Game Master, but it’s been awhile, i’ll try to join the Discord Server, and PM the GM that you just mention

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