Vehicles currently in game that are not in the British tech tree

Though that is basically the AML-90? But yes replaces a Ratel asap in lineups.

If I recall correctly the SA line was a project by some third party enthusiasts (props to them) and so became a very low cost option to “fill in” some gaps, and now turn 8.3 into a HUGE lineup.

And both are trash compared to export prototypes mounting the Cockril 90, there is a warrior, spartan and stormer variant, and that is before you get to more obscure stuff.


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At this point the brit tree really is a common wealth tree, the t-90s further proves this

I’m of the same opinion to be quite honest.

That being said, that doesn’t mean we can’t get our Lend Lease vehicles

most of which would really buff out the ground tree, the sherman III and V immediately come to mind