Veak 40 ammo change

Why would you remove the HE-VT round? I’m pretty sure it had it.


Iffy balancing, 8.7 SPAAG already present

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the itpsv 90 got added after the veak. why not balance that one instead?
with the change they suggest now swedent wont have any tank with HE-VT rounds untill BR 10. why take aweay the only vehicle that had it under that BR ?
like, move it to 9.0 instead and keep the HE-VT …


Lost a great spaa to gain a great spaa. Very unfortunate change being proposed to cover the spaa gap.

They could have given a new vehicle to cover it, but instead we get this.


Seems Jet RB player can rush enemy airfield again because VEAK 40 was really annoying.


which one did sweden gain in its stead?

What is there to balance on the ItPsV?

Because it had no sense to have it at 8.7. It’s vastly superior to the M247 and has its HE-VT at T1 and AP at T2.
You can literally get the two best rounds for a 40mm at its BR as your first two mods, wheres the M247 only has 1 of these with the necessity of 7 unlocked modifications.


i don’t have a straight answer there, but it feels weird to take away the only HE-VT round Sweden has before BR 10.0.
i would even much rather move the VEAK to 9.0 in that case.


Veak without he-vt

Many nations don’t have any to begin with. Germany doesn’t have one unless you count the hand-aimed Bagel, Russia doesn’t have one until 10.0, Britain only had the Falcon and Marksman to compare, and so on.

It’s still better than the M247 in many regards.

with that low fire rate its going to suffer immensely without the HE-VT round.
it even has worse anti tank rounds than the ZSU. so comparatively for 0.7BR more the VEAK gets a radar and faster turret turn rate but also worse anti tank round? feels like a massive downgrade and a loss of diversity in AA before BR10.

and this is my issue, the ZSU is 0.7BR lower and the VEAK is going to be on par in killing power against air but much worse against ground. not sure a radar warrants a 0.7BR increase…

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In my opinion, VEAK 40 move to BR 9.0 is much better than lost HE-VT and move to BR 7.7


It’s still better than comparable 9.0 SPAAG platforms.

remove the radar


M247 would be about the same in anti air cababilities but the VEAK would then be better against tanks. so take away anti tank round and move to 9.0?

Just see how it work at BR 9.0, if it’s still unbalanced, just move it to BR 9.3, it’s OK.

m247 has more ammo and a seperate and better tracking radar


And how will it then fare against both tanks and aircraft when it lacks the APDS of similar platforms and lacks SPAA capabilities?

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